What Can I Do To Make A Guy Feel The Need To Be With Me All The Time?

I am Ogunmiloro Kehinde and a graduate of Guiadance and Counselling from Adekunle Ajasin University and the initiator of Creative Reality Consult,an initiative born for the main purpose of emancipating the mindset an average young person from a mediocre stage to fulfilment;our visions cuts across Youth empowerment summits,Capacity Building,Human Resource Management,Event Planinng,Forex Trading(outsourcing),Entertainment and Counselling Services(Relationship and Career) and I happen to be the Director of Counselling services.

  In this article,i would expose  timeless truth on how to make a guy feel the need to be with his lady all the time;as Africans we have lost moral value and this has reduced an average to woman seeking solace where she is not supposed to.Follow these nuggets,put them into practise and get back to me if you have challenges;relationship wise-07069696166


Nothing drastic like from classic to punk, but something subtle like new highlights or sexier clothes. Now, if you're already wearing sexy outfits, switch to a more conservative style with a hint of sexiness, and leave everything to his imagination.


Aside from being flirtatious in your movements, you should also try flirting with his mind. Play games but don't go overboard. Never undermine his masculinity for a joke or a game. This will definitely backfire on you - big time.


Would you believe that the less you can fit him into your schedule, the more he might be willing to go after you? Of course, again, games like this can backfire, so go out with him, but try to reschedule the dates so that it's not always when he wants it. For example, you could give him an alternative for that Saturday night date, and ask for a Sunday picnic instead. You don't have to drop names of other men and try to make him jealous because that would just be plain petty. He should want you because of who you are, and not because someone else might get you.

Lose weigHT

If you can afford to shed some pounds, then sign up for an exercise class or sport so that you can shape up. Looking better is good for you and will make you healthier.

Live dangerously

This does not mean anything other than trying something new with him like bungee jumping or sky diving. Experiencing something new as a couple could attract him more to you, mainly because you like to have excitement in your life and are willing to take chances.

Give him signals you're ready

If you're ready to move to the next level or take the relationship further, drop some subtle hints. He just might be waiting for a sign from you because he fears being rejected.

Be successful

Whatever it is you do in life, whether it's a job, career, or pushing yourself to the next skill level, try to be as successful as you can. He will respect you for having a life without him, and at the same time, he will also be proud of what you have achieved. It works especially well if you let him know your frustrations and problems, and asked for his advice.

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You need to shut the hell up,

Be yourself ladies! The right kind of man will come for you! BELIEVE ME!



You follow that chit if you want to, your azzes gon be single, alone, and depressed.

Be yourself and the right man will come along, it just that simple!

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