What crazy things about women men like best of all?

What do you know about the men? What are their real preferences? Let’s read the article below to find out.

What do you really know about men’s tastes? What do they like the most in today’s women? Let's find out the strangest and most unbelievable things, they adore, right now.


Ordinary things, which men like

We all know, what males usually pay attention to, what they find attractive and cute in females. Let’s remember those things:

  • How they look in bikinis. Woman hips are something all men have always adored. Why bikinis? Because it does not matter, what kind of shape a girl has – she will look gorgeous and sexy.

women hips

  • High heels. There are guys, who are trying to prove, it is not true, but all of them actually like women on the heels. Their legs look so long and hot, so they cannot resist.


  • Care. It might not seem so, but every man needs support and comfort. They know that only women can give them all their gentle care.
  • Flirty gestures. It is a kind of game for them, so if you are a girl, do not be shy to use your charm and play with him.
  • Their breast. It does not mean they like only big ones. Small breast is okay as well. The thing is they love it as it is.

In fact, they love everything what makes woman a woman.

The craziest things males like

Not every girl knows for sure, what a boy is attracted by. The women often hide so important and beautiful for men things and qualities. In order not to make such a mistake, let’s find out the unbelievable tastes among the men:

  1. Glasses. That sounds unreal, but those with poor eyesight might rejoice. You have a chance to forget about annoying contact lenses and look even more attractive.
  2. Doing sports. Women fitness is something, which makes the men attracted all the time. Even if you think you are too tired and sweaty, be sure, your boyfriend will highly estimate such look.

women fitness

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  1. Observe how a woman is applying her makeup. Sounds really strange, but there is a special cuteness in it for guys. Girls are so concentrated and good-looking in this process.
  2. Watch girls without makeup. Every woman always tries to look pretty. Some of them are even afraid to show oneself without cosmetics applied. Do not worry, ladies, your beloveds will appreciate and like your natural look.
  3. See women in their shirt. Probably, many women already know about this fancy of males. It is impossible to explain, but such untidy look is extremely sexy for them. Of course, it is, as there is nothing underneath the shirt and it very tempts.
  4. Maternity instinct. This is, possibly, the strangest things. Guys adore women for that. They also like women fertility, as they are able to give a new life.

women fertility

  1. Fear and helplessness. All the men should feel strong and heroic, when their lady is scared, as they become real males in their own eyes.
  2. Accent. All girls make everything to hide it. However, it has appeared that there is no necessity to do it. Boy will find any kind of accent extremely attractive.
  3. Stretch marks. Have you ever seen a woman, who is proud of them? Probably not, as all of them work hard to hide or to get rid of them. Good news, ladies! Your other half will love them, as this is a reminded that you have carried his child once.

What males dislike

Even though sometimes the preferences of men are, so to say, unusual, there are things, they just hate in females. Their list includes:

  • jealousy,
  • shouting,
  • faults pointing,
  • extreme feminism,
  • indecisiveness,
  • rudeness,
  • lies.

Never mix up those strange tastes with unattractive qualities and actions. Otherwise, you can repel your beloved one.

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