What crazy things single Nigerian women do to attract men?

What crazy things single Nigerian women do to attract men? Read this article to learn shocking secrets of Nigerian women!


If this article seems to be offended to some ladies,  don’t be angry. We are only trying to draw your attention to some things you do in society and change the ways.  Really, being single could become lonely at times. Your friends may not help you. Only Saturday parties can distract you for a while, but put you in a desperate situation afterward.

We understand the pressure you have when you do not have a boyfriend, and everyone expects you to be in a serious relationship.


Always remember that there is a time for everything and this current reality will shift very soon for the better.   As a result of desperation, many single women get into terrible situations. They think that all problems they have are because they are alone.  They always think about that and may end up falling into the wrong hands.

Here some of the things ladies do to attract men:

1. Wearing clothes that are not comfortable

It implies wearing clothes that are too tight for comfort. Some single ladies wear clothes which choke them and not allow them to eat. When you look at them, you can sense their discomfort.


Such women always want to crave attention wherever they go in those outfits. Of course, some ladies wear tight clothes to follow the trends or they just want to look good. But you always can notice the difference.


2. Bleaching

Thankfully, the society is starting to accept the fact that black is beautiful. Nevertheless, most ladies still try to denature their skin cells.  They want to be fair skinned.


But girls, remember, if a man likes you, the color of your skin doesn’t matter. The laughable thing is many of these girls do not buy the right cream, so they end of bleaching one ear and leaving the other one.


3. Exposure of vital body parts

If a lady is not trying to gain man’s attention why would she walk around the street half naked? Many single women explain their desire to expose boobs as a need of cutting of the fabric or special style.  Why would you wear a cloth with low bust cutting? There are ladies who are sassy and highly respected in the society; they know the trend and do not bare their bodies to look more beautiful.


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4. They are party lovers

There is nothing bad in parties. However, most of the single ladies go to a club just with one mission – to find a man for the night. Women who are desperate and look for boyfriends do not miss out on any of those much talked about parties and awards. They do whatever would make men notice them. When men notice this, they would end up flowing with the tide and playing on them.


5. Tattoo and piercings

Desperate single ladies do these things. However, it just reduces their chances to attract responsible and eligible men. In Nigeria tattoos are a really crazy thing since the society doesn’t accept it in comparison to Western countries where tattoos are very common.


Unfortunately, men think that if a woman has every part of her body covered in tattoo, she is not responsible. Also, most Nigerian men dislike piercing of some body parts.


6. Using nude pictures

Single ladies who are desperately looking for boyfriends think that they should show everything they have. They can easily post their nude pictures in social media. As a result, they have lots of followers on their social pages because men love cheap things.


When you put such pictures of yourself,  you should understand that it will not attract a serious man. Note that the internet is the last place you need to put your shit; it does not go even when you have cleaned up.


7. When they propose to go to the man’s place

Nowadays some single ladies are very straightforward and shameless. Some of these desperate ladies in the society would blatantly tell men they want to sleep over at their places. 


If you know any other ladies' secrets, share in comments.


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