What do women want in bed?

What do women want in bed? For those men who have already thought about this issue, we offer top women's secrets of good relations. They are based on various studies of healthy and happy couples and modern changes in gender roles. Read the article to find out more valuable information.

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Women’s desires in bed are just enormous. The problem is how to express own wish and hint a man how to understand it. Usually women`s statements are vague and ambiguous, although there is a view of something quite definite. You just need to understand them. Women especially got used to encrypting their desires related to sex, considering it is indecent to speak openly about their preferences.

Partners have to think for quite a long time about what their women really want in bed. In this situation, both sides and their relationship suffer. We need to learn how to express own wishes aloud, because women prefer gentle sex with foreplay. Every woman needs a longer preparation than men. But for some reason, a considerable part of men does not realize it.

woman desire in bed

Therefore, we offer you something every man should definitely know about what most women really desire in bed.

The list of women's needs in bed

Feelings are the main thing. A woman, especially when she's upset, appreciates a man with the help of her feelings. Thus, the best way of establishing contacts is gentle and affectionate hug.

Chivalry is very important. Many women love relationship like men who perform the traditional male role. This is especially true at the stage of courtship before sex. The woman, of course, may move up a chair and open the door by herself, but woman would definitely expect that man will behave like a gentleman.

woman desires in bed

  • A woman chooses a man “in red”. It's not a conscious desire of women. Numerous tests have shown that a woman chooses on a subconscious level: for a woman, a man “in red” seems more courageous, stronger and sexually more attractive.
  • Never restrict her freedom. If a woman has any concerns before sex, the first thing she wants is to be listened to, and not to be given any recommendations.
  • Three dates before sex is not an urban legend. The woman does not want to go to the bedroom with a potential partner on schedule. Some women desire to meet many times before sex. A good rule is to meet at least two months before starting to have sexual intercourse.

what woman want in bed

  • The woman does like to hurry slowly. The man often wants to move to sex quickly. The woman, too, desires sex, but prefers to do things differently. She wants to feel the contact and understanding. She wants romantic relationship. This means – time, words, touch. In other words it is called the prelude.
  • Always use safe sex. This is what you both need. Women appreciate safety, if a man understand and practices it. Women's body language in bed
  • Women like discuss how things happen in bed, where she wants to please a man. Tactfully move closer to this subject. Always ask what she likes.

what women really want in bed

  • Women's body language in bed is utterly important. Therefore, always try to feel what exactly a woman wants and be gentle.
  • Your shirt can be a magnet of love. Some scientists say that the smell of male sweat affects women soothingly.
  • Women like when they are told that they look amazing and the most beautiful. For example, tell your woman how sexy she is in her new clothes.
  • Do not be afraid of discussing your relationship. If your woman wants to talk about your relationship, it does not necessarily mean that you have done something wrong. The honest, open conversation before sex will help you to discuss a wide range of issues. You will surely get closer.
  • Always look in the eyes of your partner. All women prefer having sex during eye contact.

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It is simpler to captivate a woman, than to make her stay with you forever. To do this, you need to know women`s needs and desires in bed. If you want your woman to consider you a confident, smart, and attentive man, you should understand what a woman really wants in bed. Try to give her maximum pleasure, be gentle and considerate while having sex. Be honest with her. Always ask what she likes and how she likes. And, therefore, you will have the best and the happiest woman in your bed.

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