What is climax for women?

Why do women climax? What happens during orgasm? What to do if you can’t orgasm during intercourse? Find answers to all these questions in this article!

women climax

These women, who have ever had a climax, would agree that this feeling cannot be compared to anything else. All women are different. Some of them orgasm quickly, others need to be warmed up for a while, while some women have never experienced the orgasm during intercourse. According to the research, only 25 % of women have an orgasm during sex.

Why do women have and orgasm?

Many scientists tried to understand why women actually have an orgasm. But they figured out just a little. At first, they thought that orgasm is somehow connected to pregnancy. However, it is not, because women can get pregnant without climaxing.

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A fascinating orgasmic side effect of all happens in the brain. During the big moment, the hypothalamus releases extra oxytocin into your system. It is proven that having an orgasm and releasing that tide of oxytocin is a woman's subconscious way of approving of her partner as a potential dad. In addition, this hormone is linked to our ability to trust.

woman reaches climax

What happens during orgasm?

When you reach climax, your entire body and soul feel amazing. Have you ever though what is happening during orgasm? Here is a deal. Once you became sexually aroused, you start to breath quicker, and your heart rate increases. The muscles over your body are tightened, and the breast is enlarged. The nipples will become erect, and clitoris enlarges. Also, some women notice, that their neck, face become flushed.


At the same moment, the vagina creates natural lubricant, which makes sex enjoyable.The vagina itself will lengthen and widen. This a result of blood rush to the pelvic area — called engorgement. It creates a warm, pleasurable sensation in that area.

As arousal continues, your clitoris actually retracts under the hood and gets 50 percent shorter.

Finally, when you reach orgasm, the skin will flush, and muscles over the body will contract. Heart and breathing rate, as well as a blood pressure, will rise even more. In the vagina, you will feel rhythmic contractions. These intense pulses happen about once every second. Mild orgasms have three to five pulses, and intense orgasms have ten to fifteen.


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What do to if you can’t orgasm during intercourse?

Specialists assume that the main reason why women don’t reach climax is the lack of clitoris stimulation. Because of this nine of ten women do not get an orgasm.

Generally speaking, touching or pressing the clitoris, directly or indirectly, during intercourse will increase a woman's potential to orgasm. So what to do to get maximum pleasure during sex? Here are some pieces of advice.

woman reaches climax

1. Try woman-on-top position. You need to choose such positions, where your clitoris may be stimulated, and woman-on-top is the best one. When you are on top, you can have more control under the process. You can move at your own pace and rhythm. Your partner also can enter you behind and touch your clitoris. Always be creative and try different positions.

2. Use lube. The wetter it is, the better. If you want to give more sensual feeling and reduce friction, use the lube.


3. Ask your partner to rub, touch or press your clitoris with his fingers. Guide your man be placing his fingers where you want and press the spots you like. Choose the intensity and the motion which make you crazy. You can also try using your own fingers during the sex.

4. Use sex toys. You can use a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris during sex.

5. Have some foreplay. Sometimes you may be ready to start the intercourse immediately, but there are times when you need some foreplay. Your partner should first kiss, touch or lick your vulva and clitoris using his penis, mouth or hands.


6. Don’t concentrate on your appearance too much. Most women are so focusing on how do they look like instead of enjoying themselves. You must breathe and focus. You need to relax to build sexual tension. Worries about your cellulite will never bring you pleasure. The key is to have the confidence that your body is perfect, the courage to explore your individual responses on your own.

Remember, that all women experience orgasm differently. Don’t hesitate and experiment and you will finally reach that desirable climax.  

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