What is it like to date a shorter guy?

Is your guy shorter than you are? Does this irritate you? Read the article to solve the problem.

Different couple
Almost all people are accustomed to the fact that the man in the relationship plays a leading role, it is he who makes a pair move in the right direction and take the fateful decisions for the couple. 
However, in a situation when girl's height exceeds the height of a man, people tend to believe that such a discrepancy would be a detrimental influence on the basic principles of relations. Hence there is a contradictory situation for the girls, which can be determined by a simple question: "Is it normal to date a man who is shorter than you do?"

 What we see on the screens?


 If earlier people strongly believed in the need to comply with the growth standarts, in the recent time, we are increasingly seeing refutation of this fact. A huge number of celebrities and among men had very reasonable parameters, so Tom Cruise's height is 174 centimeters, and our favorite Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) has a height of 173 centimeters. Did these men can be called "small"? Definitely not!
What's more, according to the polls, there is a huge number of women who give preference to men of moderate height. They think that they are ambitious and passionate.
 The test result of the survey showed that more than half of all couples where the woman is higher than her man is, existed at least 10 years ago. Couples over 35 years believe that the difference in growth has helped to strengthen their marriage. In general, this feature makes the couples relations even much stronger.

 Interaction of "a tall girl and a small man"

Couples where the girls are higher, have become very popular lately. They are expected to become even more numerous than couples where women are older than their partners.
Statistics shows that now in 5% of couples in the world the girl is higher than a man. This indicates that the trend is constantly growing. Soon public opinion won't be so sharp. And this, perhaps, is the major deterrent for many women.

Why is the number of such pairs, where the girl is higher than man increases?

The reason for this is discrimination of both groups of people. Many men think that their growth - is a kind of inferiority, and if so, then they have nothing to be ashamed of. They are easy to start to meet the extremely high girls who also feel a little "special". Therefore, short men and women of large stature - will inevitably be successful.
In addition, often, these people have high aspiration, and therefore achieve a significant success. And it allows them to meet, wherever they want.
If you are interested in a girl who is taller than you, do not be afraid. Be confident in yourself and go for it. Do not be concerned about the outdated stereotypes!
How do you like?

 Girls consider the low men nice and good

The fastest way to get acquainted with the girl - is to come to her closer. If you have enough self-confidence, as well as qualities such as kindness, success and sense of humor - the growth is not a big obstacle. Hardly any of the girls refuses to be with you because of growth.
 Do not be afraid to meet even if you don't fit into someone else's framework. You have nothing to lose, but a girl can lose such a good person like you. Do good, make some gifts of yourself to your beloved girl.
 Remember, a man who is not shy about his shortness - is a successful man. Successful men are loved by all the girls!

 Do you want to know the opinion of the experts?

Is it ok?

Question: Stereotypes of embarrassment in the hight. Although this problem seems simple enough to be solved, but it hides a whole set of difficulties, from both women and men. Only defeating all of them, it will be possible to adequately meet the girl higher than you are.

Girls difficulties:

"How do I look with a man shorter than I do?" 

A question asked by many women who have received an offer to date from the guy shorter than she is. Although everyone understands that in the relationship paramount importance is devoted to the love, understanding and trust, but a question of growth still does not leave them. Fortunately, most of the photos and images presented in the public domain, offering quite suitable outlooks that can not but satisfy them. However, there are still some personalities, who do not want to put up with this fact.
Have a look

"What will my parents say about him?" 

In many respects it depends entirely on the world of her parents, and the freedom they offer her. In some families, they allow the relationship with all the guys, just they should be hardworking, and the purse should not be empty. A man should be ... and then the endless enumeration of the most diverse requirements. It is likely that when a girl falls in love with you, then she will do everything possible to persuade her parents in having relationship with you. However, on the first day the girls do not fall in love, and make a good brainwash for themselves.

 "What I think about the other people?" 

The most difficult and dangerous of all questions. The majority of failures and separations in the situation when "the guy is shorter", took place exactly for this reason. She just was afraid to appear in public with a man who was following her. This emotional pressure and condemning views from other people. Of course, over time, this fear and unease in the relationship runs, and it is right, but during the early stages of dating, you can feel extremely uncomfortable.
 Difficulties of men:
"Do I look strong?" - As has been already said, a shorter man walking next to a woman may feel awkward, clumsy and weak, and no one wants to experience such feelings. Often this can be observed in cases where the man categorically against the high heels, forcing her to wear pumps or something else flat.

"Will I cope in sex with her?" 

For some reason it is believed that if a girl has a greater height than the man, then the man will have problems in bed with her. At least a good proportion of men thinks so. This is absolutely not true, but this thought is not so easy to be withdrawn from the head. Can you imagine the fear of the first sex with men? So, during the first time you want to be on top, and fear becomes even more strong in such situations.

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