What is love lyrics in Nigeria

If you wish to win the heart of a girl over, be romantic. Get the 20 best love lyrics song names and use them in courting and dating.

Love is the most wonderful thing in our everyday life. It makes it colorful, bright, and full of emotions. There exist many different ways to express this beautiful feeling. The most romantic way to confess is love lyrics. However, to answer the question “What is love lyrics?” you'll need to know a little bit of history of the term.
What is love lyrics

It's probably the oldest way of confession of all existing. Long time ago people have started to write love letters to make their beloved ones aware of the feelings. Nowadays the meaning's changed a bit. Most people, when talking about it, mean the texts of the love songs. Nevertheless, it is still connected with love and contains a kind of confession. Besides, plenty of songs are devoted to a particular person. They might be written either by professional musicians or by amateurs.

Best ways to confess

As we've mentioned, there're quite a lot of ways to say “I love you”, even without literally pronouncing it. The most popular ones include the following:
love lyrics

Poems. This is one of the oldest ways as well, and it’s similar to love lyrics. Nowadays the most romantic and creative people write poems to the ones they love. Thus, they express everything they feel towards him or her.

Love lyrics. It is again for creative people, especially those, who are very much interested in music. A boy may, for instance, write a romantic song, and then perform it for his girlfriend, using the guitar.
Of course, there might be different variations.

Words. It may be also romantic just to say it. It depends a lot on a situation, in which the couple occurs. Even an accidental spontaneous confession might be very romantic and touching. Or it can be also prepared beforehand – for example, as a special evening with dinner and candles.

Why people like love songs
love lyrics in Nigeria

Now when we've answered “What is love lyrics?” we can find out the reasons so many people like them. You may consider the following ones:

They teach us. The lyrics very often contain the words, which touch us. They may help us to make decisions or give us strength and awareness.

Personal identity. Unfortunately, people may feel depressed, for instance, when their hearts are broken. Music helps to understand that you're not alone, and there're another people, who feel the same. Thus, we can sensate relief and support. The song we choose can describe our state of mind and mood.

Interpersonal relationships. Music's the means of expressing any kind of feelings. If we are upset, we can send a sad song to our beloved in order to let him/her know about our condition. It’s also possible to say about your affection, or express how you miss someone.

Negative mood management. It's almost the same as the second reason. When something bad happens, songs can help us to deal with it. Love lyrics may give hope.

These are the most common and widespread reasons, why people adore such music. They are connected with our psychology.

The best love lyrics of all times

Nowadays there're so many romantic lyrics. And every day more of them appear. However, not every song might be considered a masterpiece. Only few of them touch people’s hearts.
That's why we want to offerthe list of the most famous and beautiful ones:

  1. Endless Love sang by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (1981). First, a movie soundtrack was created. But then, after some thinking, the director asked Lionel to write lyrics as well. After a female voice had been added, the song became extremely popular. Thus, one of the masterpieces was born.
    What is love lyrics in Nigeria

  2. I’ll Make Love to You performed by Boyz II Men (1994). In fact, the band members doubted about this song, because it resembled their previous one. However, they recorded it and never regretted.

  3. We Found Love recorded by Rihanna and C. Harris (in 2011). It's the greatest hit of Rihanna’s career.

  4. How Deep Is Your Love sang by Bee Gees (1977). It was written as a soundtrack for “Saturday Night Fever” movie. The musicians didn’t even know, if this film contained a love scene. Besides, they wrote it for the other singer, but their manager insisted on their performance.

  5. Because You Loved Me by C. Dion (1996). It was the song from movie "Up Close and Personal", which was changed by Diane Warren.

  6. Silly Love Songs performed by Wings (1976). That was the year of love songs. But this one became the indisputable leader.

  7. I Will Always Love You by W. Houston (1992). It’s the hit of all times. It’s not easy to find a person who has never heard this wonderful song.
    love lyrics2

  8. Let Me Love You by Mario (2005). The singer didn’t expect this song to turn into a hit. But it actually did.

  9. Because I Love You recorded by Stevie B (1990). The author claims that it’s about man and God, however, plenty of people are sure it’s a love song.

  10. Best of My Love by The Emotions (1977). It was created for the voice of W. Hutchinson.

  11. I Can’t Stop Loving You by R. Charles (1962). Don Gibson wrote it in far 1958. When Charles had heard the first lines, he decided to record it.

  12. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (2008). Jesse McCartney had a long-distance romance. And it inspired him to write the song.

  13. My Love by Wings and Paul McCartney (1973). McCartney was inspired by Louise Eastman (his future wife), and it was devoted to one of members of his after-Beatles band.

  14.  love lyrics 3Crazy Little Thing Called Love sang by Queen (1980). It was created by Freddie Mercury at Munich Hilton.

  15. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey (1990). The singer described the composition as not so much a love lyrics but celebration of her life during that time.

  16. To Know Him Is to Love Him by the band The Teddy Bears (1958). Phil Spector, inspired while visiting his father’s tomb in New York, wrote it. The title's the same as the grave inscription.

  17. Love Is Blue by P. Mauriat (1968). It was written for the entry in the Eurovision Song Contest for the year of 1967.

  18. Woman in Love performed by Barbra Streisand (1980). Another popular hit of all times. The authors say the most of the success belongs to the singer.

  19. Love Takes Time by Mariah Carey (1990). This song is thought to be “career-maker” for Mariah. Despite of her argues, it was added to her debut album.

  20. It Must Have Been Love by Roxette (1990). It was originally a Christmas song. Then it was re-edited for the movie "Pretty Woman".
     love lyrics 4

There exist more songs, which deserve being enumerated here. You may add any others you like most to this list. You may see, that large number of them was written during the 90s. These masterpieces are adored by people of all the generations, because love still exists, even if it changes.

Love lyrics in letters or in songs will always stay a wonderful way of saying about the feelings. There might be different kinds of love and various words, but people will still need them to express themselves. READ ALSO: How to Seduce a Girl: Top 10 Incredible Tips for Nigerian guys

Thus, everyone can choose or even create his/her own way to say “I love you”. It's possible to write a poem, a song, or to say it out loud. This is only your choice. And the love lyrics of all times are able to not only help you in it, but give you enough strength, support, and awareness. They let us understand we aren’t alone in our emotions and there're many other people, who we can share with. So, don't be afraid of what you experience and feel, and stay open to the whole world. It'll allow the others to understand you.


girls are very romantic creatures though and can't show them to her man. Each girl needs to find its own approach to you and pay attention and you could continue the relationship. safe bet just serve as a romantic date. The article presents amazing songs that really touch the hearts and do not leave indifferent. The guy can try to compose your own song to conquer the girl he liked but you can just choose one of the songs in this list and the girl will be a pleasant experience.

Answered 2 years ago.

I completely agree that the music is very powerful thing and no less powerful mean of expressing your feelings and you thoughts. Love is also the most powerful feeling ever. So the way of expressing your feelings by the means of music is the most important and great. It can express all the degree of our feelings. Such beautiful songs may be written only by the people who really had an experience in such types of feelings no matter their deepness or age. Music is the best way of showing how much you are in love and what you really feel.

Answered 2 years ago.

Music is avery powerful thing. It can heal and it can harm. Good lyrics suggestions i like, i might use it in my life as well as a motivation or just a way to get over heartbreak or vise versa, to make a girl fall for me because many songs can give pretty good information on how to approach woman in difficult situations. I like romantic songs but i haven't heard none of those songs that i see here so i will check them out as well. Interesting article i discovered some more information about music and the power of love songs.

Answered 2 years ago.
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