What is open relationship?

Somebody says that love is the best contribution, the more you give, the more you get. But anyway love is the most unique contribution — the more you give, the more is born in you. If everyone understands this how much easier it’ll be to live.

Open relationship: advantages and disadvantages

Is your man offering you to try open relationship instead of the usual? Or, perhaps, you're worried about the separation with your love, or you aren’t ready for new serious relationship, that’s why you are looking for an alternative. Or, perhaps, your marriage is going to pieces, your wedlock "ate" the routine, monotony and lack of passion, so your husband and you decided to save your matrimony with the help of mutual freedom?

In any case, you're driven by a desire to learn about free relationship, and then weigh all the advantages and disadvantages and take a final decision.

How to treat open relationship?

By the way, I would like to tell you, that this article isn’t a promotion of free relations. Your choice is how to build good relationship. So, let’s study this issue and make your own conclusions.

What does an open relationship signify?

An open relationship is a relationship in which by mutual consent join a man and a woman, implying communication, pleasant pastime, making love, lack of jealousy, lies, demands and pretensions.

The partners don’t expect anything from each other, and they live their own lives, and don’t encroach on the freedom of each other.

Like all relationships, free relations have their own laws.

So, there are the laws and rules of open relationship:

  1. Respect each other. You must respect the freedom of the partner, but don’t forget that you love him of her, and that your task isn’t to sleep with the maximum number of men (for men to sleep with women). Your goal is a harmony. Therefore you must take such a decision together after weighing all the "advantages" and "disadvantages", and you should both be prepared for this.

  2. The priority of your partner. Despite the freedom (this means that you allow each other to have the intimacy with other persons), for each other you have to be in the first place. And if you want the partner to be near with you at the certain moment, so your partner is obliged to postpone all of affairs and all lovers. And you must do the same, if it’ll be necessary.
  3. The willingness to share everything with your partner. You both must understand that everyone of your couple is allowed to go out with someone else (not just you but also your partner). So, think carefully if you can do that and, what is more important, if you can live in this condition.

Next, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such relationships.


What advantages does the open relationship have?

  1. This is easy relationship. Therefore, is painlessly to stop them at any time.
  2.  This is a relationship that doesn’t require proofs to your partner, they don’t need the name, also they don’t need to put a time frame (for example, is you say to your partner that after 2 years on this day you have to make me an offer).
  3. This relationship excludes the dependence of the partners from each other; also there are no pain, betrayal and deception.

What disadvantages does the open relationship have?

  1. In the open relationship, there is a clear distinction between love and sex. Partners understand that sex can be enjoyed with anyone, but you can love only one person. In the open relationship they take lightly the infidelities, like something that can happen to anyone.
  2. The open relationship can revive a marriage, they can make it spicy and even save from total destruction. Many couples will sooner or later come to the conclusion that physical cheating is less harmful than the collapse of long and serious relationship, that are based not only on sex but also on spiritual attraction. Open relationship gives the novelty, the rush of adrenaline and feel of adventure. A marriage that is based on such principles will never break up because of boredom, routine and monotony.
  3. This version of the relationship is ideal only for those who aren’t going to have a family in the near future.
  4. They require a special moral training and a mental attitude to overcome the feeling of responsibility. To fight with felling of ownership and jealousy is often very difficult.
  5. Many people hide behind their freedom in order to avoid responsibility. So it is very important to know about the motives and desires of the partner in detail.
  6. It's short-lived relationship. Sooner or later someone from the partners may want more and the other just won’t give it.
  7. There is always the risk to lose your love.

Conclusions and Advices.

Should you go for an open relationship, it’s your own choice. One thing is important: in any case, you don’t need to break yourself and your mind, rebuild your principles and beliefs.


Personally, I think that open relationship is good for those who are not ready for a serious relationship and marriage. But on the other hand, legal marriage doesn’t give the permission of full control over the person. There are always some freedom and private life (go to the cinema with friends, hobbies, etc).

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