What is Snapchat sex?

What is sexting on Snapchat? Learn how to make your sex life in marriage more fun.

New technologies and opportunities create new words and lang. One of them is SEXT, which stands for sex messages. Nice and fun. So, what is Snapchat sex or rather sexting?

Can you have sex via Snapchat? Really?

What is Snapchat sex?

Well, of course not in the traditional way of doing it. But Snapchat sex has many benefits both for married couples and for those dating. How can you benefit from it? Well, for one you can use it to juice up your sex life. People in long term relations get bored with their intercourse. Bring in some spontaneity and fun into it.

Here is how you can juice up your marriage through Snapchat sex?

  • Send provocative images
    You can quickly get a nude photo of yourself and send it to your spouse. Or you can tease them with images and funny sexy pictures via Snapchat.
  • Sext them
    Send sexy and hot messages to your wife or husband. Build up their expectations for the night.
  • Tell a hot story
    How about sharing some erotic story for them to enjoy? That would get them going and waiting to meet you as soon as they can.
     Snapchat sex

  • Send videos
    Nothing too bad, but some teasers for the night.
  • Invite them to a date
    Dating your spouse? One of the best things you can do for your marriage!
    What is Snapchat sex 2016

As you can see, Snapchat sex and sexting can be fun and highly beneficial for married couples or for those dating distantly. 

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