What is the best age for marriage?

Have you ever been married? Maybe, you are dreaming about it right now. Are you old enough to get married? If you do not still know, then read our article to get more information on this important issue.

The best age for marriage

In case you are now in your late 20’s and you still haven’t found a significant other, do not fret as science is with you in this regard. Life has still something ahead of you so enjoy the last years of being single.

Marriage at 27

According to a recent survey by European scientists, the best age for marriage is 27. It is this very age, according to celebrated psychologists, that is considered ideal for marriage. University life is over and you can find a good job. At this age a woman already knows and understands what exactly she wants from both life and her future partner.

Best age for marriage

Benefits of marriage at the age 27:

  • Female body is completely ready for maternity;
  • Men and women start to think clearly;
  • Both men and women` actions are suspended and are dictated not by merely emotions, but logic as well.

Marriage at 33

It seems that, according to numerous researches, the best age for marriage is between 31 and 33.

Age for happy marriage

Scientific data are there to support it so rule out the possibility this is made to cheer up lonesome singles out there.  The prominent sociologist at the University of Utah Nicolas Wolfinger has made quite interesting findings in his data analysis from the National Survey of Family and Households.

It is known information that people who married younger have more tendencies to divorce. To start with, people who are wed at 20 are twice more likely to do this than those who are married at 25. Wolfinger made an analogy in this study: having your high school love as your husband or wife is exciting particularly if you are still young. However, first love also comes with lack of confidence, covetousness and various frightened doubts in the future. Having these negative traits with someone you live with under the same roof is the perfect ingredient for divorce.

Marriage at 33

However, it does not mean that marrying beyond 33 is good either. “The kinds of people who wait till their thirties to get married may be the kinds of people who aren’t predisposed toward doing well in their marriages,” Wolfinger emphasizes in his important investigation.

“Maybe some of the thirty-something who would have made good spouses now feel perfectly comfortable being single, or living with partners out of wedlock,” He added.

Best age for marriage

To conclude

Nonetheless, these are general data and everyone has their unique case. When you find someone you really fall in love with, you will immediately understand that it is high time for marriage. You should also remember that many various factors will influence you future choice. However, always listen to what your heart says. And you will be very happy in your married love with your beloved partner.

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