What male bedroom habits annoy women the most?

What are real women’s preferences? What are things, which can repel them? Read the article to find out habits, which are unattractive for girls in bedroom.

Do women like everything in men? What are their tastes? What are unattractive male habits, which can repel the girls? Let’s look closer at the complicated female preferences.

unattractive male habits

Things, which girls like in guys

There are so many things, which attract the women to males. Some of them might appear to be quite surprising. Let’s observe the most unusual of them:

  1. Absence of too much care about appearance. Girls like slight untidiness. However, it does not mean that you should forget about it at all. Everything is good within reasonable limits.
  2. No scare about expressing feelings. You might think it is too “girlish”. But the truth is that they like you talking about what you feel and experience. It means you trust them and open your heart.
  3. Being far from social media. Those guys who do not keep checking their Facebook every now and then seem closer to the real world. Women actually like it!
  4. Feeling fine with girly things. If you are in relations with a woman, they appreciate when you are ready to hold her bag or something like that. Sometimes it is attractive when a boy is not too manly.
  5. Facial scars. It is very strange, but plenty of females like them. Males look brutal and strong with the scars for them.

Male habits that annoy

male habits that annoy

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Along with those attractive features, there are men’s actions, which make women hate them. Annoying male habits list includes the following:

  • Leaving hair in a sink. Untidiness is okay, but to the definite extend.
  • Using lots of cups. Well, better take just one and drink your coffee.

annoying male habits list

  • Selective hearing. All the girls hate when you do not listen to her.
  • Not picking up the laundry. When your dirty clothes are everywhere, it makes women annoyed.

unattractive male habits

  • Farting or burping. Do you think you look manly doing that? You are actually wrong, as for ladies it is a disgusting habit.

These are habits, concerning everyday life. But there are also those, which annoy girls in bedroom. Let’s look at male sleeping habits, which can make women upset and even angry. They are as follows:

  • Forgetting about the delicacy of breast. This part of women’s body is extremely sensitive, so you need to be tender. Never hold them roughly, if you want your girl to feel pleasure.
  • Dirty talks. They might be effective only in the case if you know what to say. Otherwise, you just confuse your beloved.
  • Used condoms around. After the intercourse, it is better to clean your room as fast as possible. If you will leave such things until your next sexual act (or even the next day), your lady will be annoyed.
  • Pushing her head down. It is advisable not to do it during the blowjob. Try to use the words instead or your other half may feel like a prostitute rather than your girlfriend.
  • Foreplay skipping. Women are complicated creatures, so you cannot just take and stick your penis into her. You must be gentle and help to arouse her. A romantic movie and/or a massage is a nice thing to do.
  • Asking about her reaching orgasm. You probably care about bringing her pleasure, but it may seem that you just asking for permission to finish yourself. Think more about her feelings and be patient.

male sleeping habits

These are key things, which are able to make any woman irritated. So, try to avoid doing them and your relationships will always be wonderful, as well as your intimate life.

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