What matters most in a relationship

We all crave love and relationships, but few of us know what really matters in staying together with another person. Get the top clues now.

Everyone needs to be connected. Almost all people are looking for suitable partner to create family. However, to do this, we must find out what matters most in a relationship. Only in this case, we'll be able to have strong ties with other person. Long-term relationships are not easy to develop. You must be ready for hard working, making all necessary efforts, and struggle for one you love.

What matters most in a relationship

Types of relationships

Before finding out what matters most in a relationship, it is advisable to know about various kinds of it. Thus, you'll manage to understand whether your affection is something serious or not. The common ones include:

What matters most in a relationship- Controlling.Controlling. In this type, one of you has dominant role. The other one can just follow the rules. Sometimes, it's difficult to recognize from the very beginning. However, later you may start feeling helpless.

Open. You are emotionally committed, but are free to sleep with any other people. It might seem acceptable until certain moment.

Asexual. Neither of you is interested in having sex with the other one. Finally, you get bored and stop caring of it.

Codependent. It is quite obvious, one of you (or even both) is dependent on the other. You cannot even make a decision by your own.

Held-by-loss. It usually happens after a breakup with someone else. You may need some way out from the pain; you do not want to accept the reality. It is just a try to fill the emptiness.

Toxic. It's the most exhausting type. You love each other; however, you are completely different. Such relationships are always on edge.

What matters most in a relationship in NigeriaSexual affair. It is nothing more than sexual chemistry. There is no emotional connection between you.

Long distance. There is great emotional connection, but no physical intimacy. You may finally get tired of trips and give it up.

Emotional. This is kind of affair, which can happen beyond your own relationships. You share secrets, but there's no sex.

Love-hate. There are a very strong affection and passion between you. However, when it comes to conflict you start hating each other. It might become tiresome.

Sacrificial. It is considered the worst form of unconditional love. You do everything for a person, while s/he actually does nothing for you.

Insecure. Both of you have your own lives and friend. It may lead to jealousy and absence of trust.

What matters most in in love.Truly compatible. This is a perfect romance, which possesses all the necessary features. You have strong ties as well as good sexual attraction.

 Thus, if you are eager to know how to find true love, you should be capable of distinguishing it from many others.

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Key aspects of relationships

When lookingfor relationships, we always want them to be perfect and everlasting. Nevertheless, very few people really know how to achieve it. You should not only understand how to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but also how to save you love after long time of dating. The following things really matter:

Respect. It is a vital thing, a basis for you (especially when you are looking for a marriage partner). It's obligatory to understand your other half’s desires, interests, to accept his or her opinion. Never abuse your beloved.

What matters most in a relationship- Intercourse.Intercourse. Any long-term relationships come to this stage. And this is inevitable part of happy life together as well. Making love means you are very close to each other; it is thought to be the greatest expression of love.

Loyalty. If you love and appreciate someone, get ready to forget about any others. If you start cheating, it will ruin your future (even if your partner says s/he forgives you). It will leave negative feeling inside of the heart.

Emotional connection. You must make sure your other half is your soul mate, because sex is not the most important thing.

Honesty. It is essential to stay sincere and truthful. Thus, your partner will be able to trust you, and there will be no reason to be jealous or anything like this.

What matters most in a relationship- Reliability.Reliability. Remember that any relations are great responsibility. You need to be sure you can rely on the one you love and vise-versa.

Communication. Talk about everything – starting from troubles you have and ending with things you enjoy. You should always share what you feel.

Romance. It mustn’t disappear when you get married. Besides, it might be different. Hanging out together is also romantic (especially for men), while women prefer dinners by candlelight and things like that.

Support. Bad things happen every day. And our beloved ones need our help and support. Don’t be greedy and give it to them.

Passion. Of course, it's not the key point of relations, but it can help to make them stronger. However, it might disappear with years (when people have been married for several years or if you have kids). It is okay, because it leaves a nice feeling inside you – kind of tenderness.

More relationship tips

IWhat matters in a relationshipn order to build really strong relationships, we offer list of the following advice:

See your beloved as s/he is. It is advisable not to idealize him/her. It concerns not only traits of character, but also habits.

Never compare. If you start doing so, you can spoil everything. It may only lead to disappointment. Moreover, it abuses your sweetheart.

Spend some time apart. It will allow you to value the time you spend together. Besides, everyone needs some personal space.

Do not pretend to be anyone else. Always stay who you are. Otherwise, when you stop pretending, your relationships may change in a negative way.

What matters in a relationship in NigeriaFocus on giving love and not receiving it. The true happiness is actually to give. Never forget it and do not ask anything in return.

Analyze conflicts. It is more important to understand reasons of arguing rather than to win it. Try to calm down and think of it properly.

Say compliments. It may surprise you, but both men and women like and need them. Praise your other half for good things and just for who s/he is. They will appreciate that.

Embrace ordinariness. It sounds strange, but there's so much romance in everyday life. Share your emotions about a day, your plans for a weekend, and so on. All these things might be so nice and priceless. Everything depends on your perception.

What matters in a relationship- Quality of time.Quality of time, not quantity. It's much more relevant how you spend your time rather than how much time you spend together. Even if you cannot do it very often, make every moment special; remember the meaningful and nice moments.

Pay more attention to positive qualities. Everyone has defects and weaknesses. It is better not to notice them sometimes. Appreciate good features in the one you love. It can make both of you much happier.

Relationship isn't easy thing. If you want it to become strong and last forever, you should get ready to make certain efforts. Sometimes it might seem impossible, but it isn't true.

When you love someone, you're always ready to change yourself, your life, and work hard. All you need is being yourself. Do not try to change the person you love, it is more effective to change attitude to existing problem. Be honest in your feelings, respect the desires of your beloved. In fact, all you must do is actually to love. Forget all the rest. If you think properly, you'll understand that negative things are not that important and they definitely aren’t worth destroying your love.

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It is quite interesting and unusual interpretation of different types of relationships. I have not even realized that there exists so much kinds or tupes of relations! To tell you the trueth - I could not chosen the particular tupe of relations between me and my husband. But I am not disappointed. I am completely sure that in such situation we would live together for the whole life. We have something common almost with each kind of relations. To my mind - it is a main thing of each marriage - to be emotionalyy connected, to love but sometimes hate each other, to have a strong love and sometimes a friendly feelings. It means that you would not be bored together anyway!

Answered 1 year ago.

Trust. The ability to trust the partner and not the scandals about the undue jealousy is very important for many years to be together. Stop track of every step of your partner, learn to trust him and not to deny to communicate with those who you just don't like. Feeling enough freedom, your loved one will not want to go anywhere, but the decrees about where to go and whom to be friends, will have the opposite effect. /Honesty and respect./ Without such qualities like respect and honesty, to build relationships virtually impossible. Always be open with loved ones and nothing from him hide. The person who lied or something is silent, will never be trusted and taken seriously. Respect and love each other, then you will live together to a ripe old age. If your significant other made a bad thing, don't think about how it hurts to teach, and find ways of understanding and solving problems.

Answered 1 year ago.
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