What sexually arouses a woman

Do you want to make your girlfriend happier? Read these tips to learn more about sex!

Not all the men are able to satisfy a woman because you need to pay attention to all the details in order to succeed in this kind of business.  So, how to sexually arouse a woman?


A lot of men just go with the basic rules and techniques of sex. Sometimes they don’t realize that it’s not exactly what the girls want. Moreover, it won’t bring you that much pleasure. Some sophisticated sex techniques are good at some point, but the sensuality is more important for girls. Here are some good advices which will make your girlfriend more satisfied.

The concept of "pleasure"

This term refers to a feeling of joy from the experience of the pleasant sensations and emotions that make us happier. Since women are more emotional they tend to pay attention to every single detail.

If you ask yourself “How do I sexually arouse a woman?” here’s an answer for you. To set up a romantic mood and to make her feel more relaxed and comfortable, make a surprise that she would certainly like.

 Like a nice dinner, for example.

When a woman is feeling great you can go further. However, all men have different ideas about what it means. Many people believe that a woman is experiencing pleasure only when she gets an orgasm. This is not quite true.


Any touch, especially a loved one, can cause a storm of delight and wonderful emotions. Now some people assume that the prelude is a waste of time, but it is necessary for both women and men.

The female body is so sensitive that even a light touch should give her an unforgettable experience, because she feels loved this way.

Men should remember that the satisfied woman who got the maximum pleasure from the touches and the sex itself is more likely to satisfy you better as well.

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The pleasure of the voice

Woman can get a lot of pleasure by hearing the voice of her partner. Especially in an intimate setting. So what to say to sexually arouse a woman?

When a loved one says all kinds of compliments and kind words, a woman's heart melts. Very often men forget that women love to hear the voice of their boyfriend and they try do it all silently. However, it doesn’t work that well because words are very important in this kind of things.

The certain words of love and adoration said in the right time can literally create miracles; most men prefer to just look at their girlfriend while removing her clothes. Try to say a few phrases, compliments and she will be very happy.


For example, you can simply say: "You are so pretty!” The woman will be very happy and excited to hear it. But in such cases you need to be careful with your words, because paying attention to those parts of the body that may not be quite attractive can make the impression that the man is making fun of his woman.

Say only what you really love about her. For example, the beauty of her eyes, her shiny hair and nice lips.

If your sweetheart is not the skinniest woman out there, don’t make jokes about it. Even if you say it in a cute way, she won’t like it. Say a nice compliment.

For example, “I love your body shape. It’s really sexy”. And if your woman is very thin, it is not necessary to point it out. Tell her she looks very tender and sweet. Learn how to make a compliment. It is also a good skill for building a relationship.

The smell

black couple

Women just love the smell of men but it also has to be nice. So you should take care of yourself. It’s absolutely not true that women like when men smell like sweat. It can’t sexually arouse anyone. You shouldn’t wear too much perfume too. Choose something that you feel comfortable with and go with it.

Many women like the smell of cleanliness - like shampoo or soap. They want their partner to smell fresh. You can shower together, which will also help you sexually arouse your girl.

The touch

When a woman is ready for intimacy, it does not mean that she just wants to have an intense sex. The feeling of intimacy is more important.

Kisses, hugs and other signs of affection are all what the woman is expecting from man. She will forgive you some fails in bed, but she would be really worried if you don’t do all the romantic stuff. Be aware of that!


And yet, no matter how hard man to please girlish "oddities" in the emotional sphere, there are two female physiological factors which cannot be circumvented:

frequency of intimate contacts in women;

day of the menstrual cycle.

If a woman has had a big break in sex, she is faster than her loving counterpart. Nature demands her body missed the men's affection and cuddles.

However, we cannot exclude past sexual experience. Intimacy should not cause the girl unpleasant memories, and stagnation in the sexual sphere must not be associated with painful associations.

Women in every period of the menstrual cycle have different degree of sexual desire. It is easier to turn a girl on during ovulation and hardest just before menstruation.

During ovulation a woman experiences great sexual desire. This is a natural phenomenon predetermined by nature. During this period easiest to become pregnant, so the woman is excited easily and without much effort on the part of the partner.

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