What should we know about overly polite people?

Why can overly polite people be dangerous? What did recent research of Association of Computational linguistics in Beijing say about it? Read the article to learn more interesting facts about people behavior.

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Sometimes people meet the person who at once behaves too politely with them. He is excessively polite on any action and concert. You begin to ask yourself one million questions at once: perhaps, he tries to learn something from you or to receive any information? All these thoughts pass through your head, when you meet someone who is excessively polite. The research made in December 2015 shows that the person who flatters you from nowhere can be an undesirable sign. The annual meeting of Association of Computational linguistics in Beijing (AMACL) has shown that the person who is excessively polite will betray the companions with considerably bigger probability than the one who isn't so pretty.

  • The research in playful way. The latest research, results of which were promulgated in shows why it is necessary to treat such persons with mistrust. It appears that too polite people are much more capable of treachery. Volunteers faced a difficult task. They shall appear as characters of strategic game, which transferred them to times preceding World War I. Scientists should study diplomatic relations between players and to predict the potential ways profoundly.
  • Informal approach. Instead of spending time in easy situation with playing cards or counters, participants had to rely on communicative skills and art of manipulation by people more. People formed alliances among themselves, and researchers tried to foresee the courses on the basis of dialogues between players.
  • Change in a voice. Thus, at interaction of participants and their advance to planned purpose one of the most predictable signs of treachery was confirmed: participants' intonation in conversation suddenly changed. Most often the difficult diplomatic conversation turned in indicative polite, and the opponent in every way tried to show to the interlocutor a positive spirit and politeness.

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  • Excessive politeness as an evil. Each of participants represented the countries, which could enter open confrontation subsequently. So, for example, Germany and Austria signed the agreement to eliminate certain threats together. Austria willingly accepted the proposal of geographical neighbor and agreed to advance armed groups to the east. Soon Germany was expected by fatal blow in game situation: the new ally promptly intruded on its territory, having rejected designate provisional agreements.
  • When you doesn't wait for blow. So scientists find regularity: the player who was able to convince, had eloquence and was extremely polite, held the remote strategic steps in the head. It works as opponents least of all expects a blow from such ally and likes to trust to it. As it became clear, even the computer could predict treachery with an accuracy of 57%. For the machine it is surprisingly high rate, because it relies only on linguistic signals.

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How it is applicable in the real world?

Strategic games and forecasts for gain of some country is a fascinating case. But how this knowledge can be applied in reality? The research provided by the Association includes rather reliable data. Through their prism, we can foresee as it works in modern social model. Excessively polite diplomat lulls the opponent into a false sense of security, and then strikes the hit. Borders of the created empire promptly extend. We lack only verification of viable data, which could make a real life situation. For this reason scientists should model new strategic games. However, it is possible to tell with confidence that the regularity revealed between excessive politeness and treachery will remain.


This research offers us valuable information for reflection. However, it shouldn't be used as categorical judgment for forming of opinion of other people. Certainly, the imbalance of words and behavior is a powerful prerequisite of potential treachery. But we should remember that people are awesome and don't judge them too superficially.

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