What things Nigerian women are to stop doing to keep men around?

Do you know which thing Nigerian women should stop doing not lose their men and keep them around? Find in the article!

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Many women wonder how to keep their men nearby or simply not to lose them. This question exists in every world region, not depending on people’s culture, religion etc.
Sometimes women just don’t understand that there is a range of things they should stop doing to improve their family lives.
Here are list of things Nigerian women should stop doing to keep their men around.

Welcoming him home without a smile

relationships home problems

Home is a place where you can relax and forget about all problems on the work. For men home is a special place, more like their own territory where they are free from any obligations and they may relax and not to think about anything.
Women should affect the mood of their husband or boyfriend who has just come home and wants to chill out. Especially, with a sad to unsatisfied face expression, as seeing their women like that they start blaming themselves and may even get into deep depression.
So, all the women should remember that a good wife or a girlfriend always welcomes her man home with a smile and spread arms to give a hug.

Finding faults with his flaws

men's flaws

Men may be a little messy. Sometimes they leave their socks everywhere and permanently forget to take out the trash. Unfortunately some women find it unacceptable. They yell, fight and some of them even get too scandalous.
Men’s flaws are easy to be handled. The only thing a woman should do is to be soft and explain all the things without yelling. Shortly saying, men should be corrected lovingly.

Not trusting him

relationship lack of trust

Trust is the fundament in relationships. Not trusting your man and demonstrating it to him, getting too jealous may ruin the relationships.
Women should never doubt about their men. When they are not sure about their partners, men start to have doubts about themselves. And that’s where real problems may start.
If you don’t have any reasons not to trust your man, you should completely give him your trust.

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Comparing him with other men

comparing with other men

This is one of the worst things women do. Comparing your man with others affects his dignity. A woman that loves her man will never compare him to anyone else.
When you compare his achievements with someone else’s it makes him think that you’re not satisfied and he’s not worthy enough to be with you. It may become a reason of a break up.
So women should never compare their men with other, especially with their exes. Comparing with ex-boyfriend is like every man’s nightmare.

Discouraging him when he starts his own thing

starting own business

Every man dreams of doing his own thins without being employed by someone. Starting own business means complete freedom. But women are creatures that have doubts on everything.
If you love your men, never criticize when they decide to start doing something for themselves. Woman has to be someone man should rely on, in any situation.

Using sex and food for manipulation

manipulation relationship

Food is a path to a man’s heart. Some women take it too far.
For their own benefit they may satisfy their men in bed or prepare them the food only they like. And all of this just to get what they want.
Women should understand that men feel these types of things are not to so easy to be tricked.

Disrespecting him

disrespect relationship

Never disrespect your man. It may kill his dignity and self-confidence. When men feel disrespected by their women they stop feeling manly. It makes them have doubts about the way they live and the things they do.
Women should try their best to support their men and never have doubts about them.

Doubting his dreams

doubting in dreams

Everyone has a dream. Sometimes our dreams may even be absurd. Men tend to have better imaginations than women, that’s why their dreams may seem a little bit more absurd than those of women.
Women should never criticize their men’s dream because men always their women around in their dreams. Doubting dreams of your men is like doubting your relationships.

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