What things to consider when going to cheat?

We very seldom think about consequences of our actions. However, there is one thing you always should think about, because consequences will be too serious. We are talking about cheating.

So what things you need to know before you cheat? Find out in this article.


Cheating damages the relationships and shatters dreams. If you want to cheat, always remember that in spite of the attractiveness of this idea, it has to big price, which you can’t afford.

Here are 14 things you need to know before you cheat.

1.    Sooner or later everybody will know

You will get caught one day. It may not happen today, even not tomorrow, but eventually your cheating will come to light. As an English proverb says “There is nothing hidden that is not shown.” Maybe your secret will not appear on the first pages of the morning newspapers, but your friends and relatives will know. Remember, that most of them will be happy to share with such spicy news, so it is better not to give them any motive.

everybody will know

2.    You will spend a long time to return your life to where it used to be

First of all, you will spend years to restore yourself financially. But what is harder, is to recover emotionally and reestablish contacts with your friends, relatives and so on. It will take years to forgive yourself and to rebuild trust.

hard to return trust

3.    You will become a liar

If you cheat, you also will bear the title of “Liar”. It may start from small lies such as “I go to watch football with my friends” or “I have a lot of work. I’ll be late”. However, it always grows to something bigger, so you will become a liar.

ecome a liar

4.    You will be the biggest disappointment

If you cheat, you will disappoint everyone – your spouse, colleagues, relatives, children. As a result, you will be a disappointment for yourself. It will take a long time to restore your image in the eyes of all these people.

 the biggest disappointment

5.    You will lose your moral authority

This reason is especially should be considered if you have children. It will be very hard to tell them to do right things if you don’t do them yourself. You will not only lose the respect of your children, wife, relatives, and friends, but also the respect to yourself.

dissapointemnt of wife

6.    You will lose previous way of life

Your partner will most likely want to divorce with you so that you will lose your home, partner, and children. The divorce procedure is always very expensive, and your wife or husband probably will make you pay money since your cheating became a reason for divorce. Also, you may lose your job.

constant arguments

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7.    You will be a bad example

Everybody would agree that cheating is a dreadful example. If you have committed the adultery ones, you will have a big spot on your reputation.  People will think that if you lied ones, you are most probably will do it again. It concerns your work or your future relationships as well as your children. If you were the best example for your whole life, this one adultery would erase it all.

lose of authority in the eyes of children

8.    You will create trust issues for your spouse

You will lose your partner’s trust forever. Even if he or she forgives you, the trust issues will always be the milestone of your relationships. You will also damage the convenience of children in the stability of your relationships. The relations of the parents are always the example for children. If children are involved in constant quarrels or what is worth in divorce, they will have troubles in establishing their own relationships with their loved ones in the future.

 a bad example

9.    You will lose relationships

A cheater can end up living a very lonely life. You will probably lose not only your spouse but also your friends and family members who were supposed to love and support you.

ose relationships

10.    Think what you feel if this would be done to you

Just imagine, what is your reaction if your partner would cheat? If everybody remembers the golden rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” the life will be easier, and most problems will be avoided.

Think what you feel if this would be done to you

11.    The possibility of getting sexually transmitted infections is increased

Of course, your lover will tell you that they don’t have any infections. But why should you believe their word? Lovers never tell that they have STD. Let’s assume that you believe him or her and this is not true. Your spouse may also get the infection which you got from your lover. This is even worse than simple cheating. Think about it.

 getting sexually transmitted infections

12.    You will regret your decision

Maybe at the exact moment when you commit adultery, you don’t feel that you are doing something wrong. Moreover, you can сall to mind your current troubles in the relations with your spouse, or remember what unfair things your partner has done for you. So at the moment you may even think that you are doing the right action because this is kind of recompense. However, time will pass, and you will open your eyes and understand what you have done.

man regrets

We all have so many regrets so why should we add one more? Especially, such big and dangerous one, which can destroy your entire world.

13.    The forbidden fruit is not sweater

It is a common misconception that the forbidden fruit is sweeter. Most people want something that they don’t have or what is forbidden. However, when they get it, they usually become disappointed – the fruit is not so sweet anymore.

 forbidden fruit is not sweater

14.    The pain outweighs the gain

If you really want to have these few minutes of pleasure, consider that you will lose a lot and this loss never worth gain. You will lose your spouse, your friends, your authority, respect and a lot of time at least. You will never be happy that you had such experience.

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