What to do if you are a side chick? – Tips on handling the situation

What to do if you have become his side chick? These 7 steps will help you to handle the situation.

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Some women make a conscious choice of being side chicks, while others become them unwillingly. They start dating a guy only to realize: they are second best in his life! In any case, a time comes when you have to handle the situation.

How to handle being a side chick?

  1. Be honest with yourself
    This is like a start of a surgery. A doctor has to make a cut to get in and fix things. And cutting hurts. The truth may hurt, too. However, nothing will change unless you tell yourself the truth, the bitter one: you are a side chick.
    This evokes many questions, such as: what do I do now? What are the chances of him breaking up with his wife? Will he ever marry me? What if he impregnates me? These are tough ones to deal with.
    Still this is the first and inevitable step to take. You need to face the truth and realize the consequences it produces. You can spend years waiting on the guy. Is he really worth it?
  2. Do not be alone
    Many girls never share this secret and never look for support. However, it’s a huge mistake. You get isolated and even more dependent on the guy’s support and love. This is a dead end. So, talk to your family or your friends. Yes, some of them will not understand you, but others will support and help.
  3. Create your life
    Most side chicks live from one phone call or date to another. They let that other person to play the major role in their life and create it for them. In the most cases such life is not happy and even miserable. You get emotional and happy for a few hours, but then he leaves and you spend days in misery. Stop it.
    Your life is your movie and you are to play the key role in it. Start creating your own life. Get new interests. Get a hobby, invest in your education, and meet new people. Stop sitting at home and waiting for his calls.
  4. Take him for who he is
    Most guys like that never breakup with the wives or marry the side chicks. That’s the truth. He what he is. He wants you to keep him happy or satisfied in bed, but he is not willing to go and an extra mile to make you happy. And most of such promises are false. So, face the reality: this guy is not the man of your dreams!
    He is someone who wants it all for a discount. Once you put a true price tag on him and his “love”, it becomes easier to sort out your own life.
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  5. Get some colors into your life
    It’s not all black and white: I am happy with him and miserable without. No! Life has more shades to it. It has many different sources of happiness and pleasure. Discover them!
  6. Be free
    Regardless of whether you break up or stay with the guy, you should become free in your emotions and choices. He is not the only one. He was taken before you met him. He is not the one meant for you. There are other wonderful men out there. The major problem with you is not his wife; it’s your low self-esteem and lack of faith.
    If you start loving yourself and seeing the true self worth, you can find faith to keep on looking. Tell the guy so and let him know you are free! He is under no obligation to you and so you are.
  7. Leave him
    This is the final step to make. If you have been honest with yourself and know the truth, you can summon up the courage and leave him. Make a plan. Get support, follow all the tips above and do it.

These 7 steps will help you handling a situation of being a side chick. You can get the life you deserve. So, stop playing second roles and become your own star in the movie of your life!

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