What to do when not happy in a relationship?

Aren't happy in a relationship? Want to have happy and sound relationship? Read the article to make your feel happy and satisfied with your love.

What to do?

Love is not a panacea for all problems. When such a feeling comes to life, it can make your life more vivid and awesome, but not always happy. People sometimes face a situation that can bring about lots of emotions, have a beloved one, and no overall satisfaction.

What to do if love does not bring happiness? Follow this simple manual:

  • Relationship tip 1

Love is not a serene feeling, it is bright and exciting only at first, and then "rosy colored glasses" are taken off, the person appears in front of harsh reality. Instead of love come everyday problems, disadvantages become apparent, it's annoying. This is the stage which each pair must pass, as love may not be happiness - the presence of beloved person sometimes may be even annoying. Do not be afraid, wait a moment, this phase will end. It is important to try to see not all disadvantages, but you need to concentrate on the good things. Thus, refrain from criticism, try to be friendly. Gradually, the respect and affection will help you to become even closer with your spouse, and the differences will be forgotten.

  • Relationship tip 2


Feeling like a seasoning, they don't change life, they just make it brighter and more interesting. No need to lay on the love great expectations, because you are not able to change the events, can not solve the problems. Happiness is not always associated with the presence of this emotion, and so you need to continue to seek harmony. It is very important to begin to transform themselves, to change the thinking, learn to respond positively to what is happening. Resentment, guilt, fears make life difficult and unstable, the impression that the future bears no joy. Withdrawing from these feelings, releasing negative emotions, you can get freedom from uncertainty, each new day will bring something amazing and useful. Search for happiness is not outside, but inside one, and then the world will become much better.

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  • Relationship tip 3

Analyze your attitude to the spouse, perhaps the feelings have faded. If the love is gone, you should take a little pause in the relationship to think whether to go further together. A small vacation alone will help you understand what you are not satisfied with, what needs to be changed. Maybe after this break you will decide to leave this man, but it will be only a step on the way to new feelings.

  • Relationship tip 4

Happy couple

The life of a man consists of several parts: the family or relationship, work, financial well-being, communication with family and friends, leisure and more. It does not mean that everything will be fine. The presence of a loved one does not solve problems in the work, money, relationships with other people, that is why you may feel the lack of happiness. Do not rush to look for reasons to a partner, it is important to properly life balance, change it for the better from all the sides.

Not happy?

  • Relationship tip 5

Think that you are not happy in other areas? Start fixing what you do not like. For example, change jobs or find an extra source of income. Important will be training, and it is not necessarily to go to college enough to finish a course or just begin to read books that will help you to succeed in the profession. You can change the circle of acquaintances or to find a new hobby. These actions will diversify your life, make it more rich and interesting.

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