What to do when trust is broken in a relationship?

How often do people wrong, thinking that they know everything about the trust, thinking that there is a way out from all possible situations?


In fact, the truth of life is that: to know is not enough, you need to use it and always remember. So many people know what a trust and why it is needed, but that it needs to be constantly maintained in a relationship is usually forgotten.

Trust is easy to be lost. It requires a lot of attention and hard work because of the full trust or credibility of a loved one - the basis of serious and happy relationships. Otherwise, if the trust is violated, then it can be assumed that the relationship goes to the final end.

What can cause a loss of trust:

  • unfaithfulness;
  • jealousy;
  • the initial distrust;
  • mismatch of words and actions;
  • cheating in any form of its manifestation;
  • mismatch of desires and expectations of real life;
  • unfeasible goals that were promised to the partner.

And much more, which can lead to adverse consequences. Almost every couple or a family faces with such situations, which put the credibility questioned. However, all came out of it in different ways. Someone was able to forgive and move the relationship to a new level, and for some, it was the beginning of the end.


How to restore trust in the relationship?

Another truth is that everyone knows, but forgets - "To lose trust is easy, and it is difficult to recover," And this is true. The process of return of confidence is very difficult and long, and there are very little books on this subject. After all, people are accustomed to quick results, so it is easier to read a book or an article like "How to attract the attention of men" rather than "How to restore trust in the relationship," it takes too much time and it is hard work.

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To begin the process of return of confidence, there should be an analysis of the situation:

Why do you want to regain the trust? Whether you want to be there with your partner? Have you worked long and hard to deserve trust? How have you lost the trust of your loved one? In which case your partner will trust? You need to get rid of jealousy, which is so hard.

broken trust

Now it’s time for your re-education

  • If you were caught in a lie, you have to be honest and opened in front of your loved one. Tell the whole truth about the situation that made you lie. Explain why you did so, what thoughts were guided, admitting your guilt. And continue to tell the truth, no matter how bitter it may be. A truly loving person will understand and appreciate your sincerity, and again, though not immediately, but will start trusting you.
  • If the cause of confidence loss has become jealousy, reconsider your behavior. Try not to give cause for jealousy, do not flirt with others in front of the partner, limit contacts with the person who has caused such doubts in your spouse. Tells about the events of the day, the plans to let the partner know where and with whom you were. Constantly talk about your feelings, confess your love, no matter how far apart you are.
  • If you was unfaithful, but realized the mistake and want to return the old relationship, then you must realize that you have to work hard. Firstly, you must admit the mistake and be forgiven by the second half. Secondly, it is necessary to change the attitude to your loved one who must understand the seriousness of your intentions and feel remorse. It is necessary to put relations on a new level.
  • If you do not understand the cause of the loss of confidence, put yourself in the place of the partner - perhaps it will immediately become clear. And in the future, think twice before doing something.

You must remember that if once you have lost the trust of the other person, then most likely, it will never come back.

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