What to say after sex?

Do you want to know what to say after sex to build perfect relationship? What consequences may sex topics have? Read and find out all sex talk ideas right now!

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Even for married couples the question of ‘conversations after sex’ remains valid: women tend to have a conversation, men, as a rule doesn’t want it. So whether you need to say something what should it be? Sex talk topics are here for you.

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Sure, you need to talk. After all, for a woman it is a mandatory part of an intimate act, at this moment she needs some words about love and admiration. Psychologists are described this mechanism very clearly: after a natural process that has brought pleasure to both partners, the blood gets a surge of the hormone serotonin. It has a different effect on men and women: the first ones feel the relaxation and fatigue, the second ones - an emotional lift. Because women find a way out for the accumulated tension through the emotions. They also tend to share tenderness and love. Of course, both partners, are tired, but for a woman ‘relax’ is possible only after the emotional release - through the verbalization of her feelings and experiences.

Here are a few sex talk tips to make the process of communication after sex enjoyable for women and non-intrusive and easy - for men.

 After sex talk topics & After sex talk ideas

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1. Begin a conversation with compliments. It is a pleasure for both. In this case it is best to hug your partner to enhance the effect of spoken words.

2. Express gratitude to your partner. Just a few words about how you liked his unique and passionate moves. Today you had your best sex.

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3. A man must make it clear to his woman that he loves her and admires her. You can express your opinion about the unusual poses that demonstrated your second half, and the view must be necessarily positive. Generally, the content of the conversation is often not important for women: what is important is the tone of the spoken phrases, the warmth and sincerity. So the next point is about the characteristics of the voice.

4. Speak softly, soothingly, as if cradling a voice. Even better, if the most secret words are pronounced in a whisper - it gives some romance and inspires the confidence in the partner. Play with intonation: add some playful notes (you can even make a joke), but the important things must be saying seriously. Accompany your words with kisses, caresses, hugs and in some cases even provocative light tingling.

5. Anything can become the theme of the conversation: you can start with a discussion of what just happened and continue to talk about the pleasant memories or discussing your romantic relationship. Do not start any serious discussion and do not provoke your partner to talk about the future marriage and family plans. Never! Do not turn the relaxation after sex in interrogation!

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Finally, if you do not want to talk or you are just exhausted, fool around a little bit: you can take some fruit or treat and feed each other or continue a light erotic game. In any case, the completion should show fun and relaxed mood of both and a sense of intimacy. Only in this case you can continue to live in the perfect harmony, building a long term relationship with your partner.

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