What to say when toasting a girl in Nigeria

Toasting can be really hard, if you do not know the secrets that make it easy. Learn the best ones here from this post.

Attracting a pretty girl isn't an easy task. There're many ways to do it. However, not every young Nigerian knows what to say when toasting a girl. That's why it becomes a problem.

 toasting a girl

Let’s, first, find out, what we mean by “toasting”. It means wooing. It is when a man tries to win a girl's heart. There're plenty of methods. For instance, you may text romantic messages, write poems and songs, and so on. Nevertheless, the majority of men still prefer traditional and old way. They want to know how to woo a woman with words.

Steps of toasting

Steps of toasting

If you frequently ask, How do I toast a girl our advice will probably work for you. “Professionals” of flirting propose the following steps:

  1. Time. It's obvious – to make any girl like you, it’s necessary to pass time with her. There're a lot of men who're mistaken thinking, it’s helpful to avoid a woman you love. Such strategy may be useful only in the cases, when you know she already likes you. Otherwise, try to become an essential part of her life. Thus, she’ll finally start feeling lonely or incomplete without you.
  2. Compliments. It probably sounds old-fashion, but try being a gentleman. Chivalry should become a part of your nature. Pay much attention to her, talk to her, and tell her pleasant things. There's no woman who will dislike it. Don't forget, each time you make a female blush with delight, that's one step to making her fall in love with you.
  3.  Remind of yourself. There exist many ways for it. Buy pretty things, text and phone her, or come to see her. It’s essential to make a girl think of you.
  4. Being dependable. It is so important for any girl to know, you're ready to help and support her any time she needs. Besides, it'll make her think about you even more. Do everything possible for her to feel special, and she’ll feel grateful for you being around.
  5. Being open and sincere. Any communication actually needs it. To make the connection closer and stronger, share various incidents of your life, your feelings and problems. While you reveal your vulnerable side, your partner will do the same even without noticing it. Such strategy makes the girl emotionally attached.
  6. Avoid friendzone. It's extremely important thing. Remember that your purpose is not friendship. There's very thin border between a best male friend and a man, who’s going to become a boyfriend. There's great number of examples of men, who've just missed a chance. Thus, to avoid it, constantly say you like her and find attractive.
  7. Flirting. This is inevitable part of wooing. Tease her. Moreover, it's necessary to have sense of humor as well to make the time spent together great and unforgettable. Besides, it'll be helpful touching her accidentally and keep closer to create sexual chemistry.
  8. Let your girl know you keep thinking of her as well. For any girl it is so complimentary. You can say, you've recently thought of her when listening to her favourite song or watching a TV show. It will catch her and make think of you.
  9. Hints and suggestions. You shouldn’t tell directly about your affection. However, you can still give tiny hints. For example, while talking to her friends, mention any detail you like in her. Then, don’t tell anything else. Her friends can find out there's something between you and start teasing you as couple.
  10. Asking out. We are finally here. If you've done everything right, you're ready for the last step. By this moment, the girl should realize there's something more between you. Moreover, there must be kind of sexual tension. So, ask her out. Then, when there's an appropriate moment – tell about your feelings.

These are the key steps to win woman’s heart. It’s essential to do everything right. Let her know there exists something more serious than just friendship. Don't forget to avoid friendzone. All the rest depend on you and the woman you’ve chosen. Sometimes, when the relations develop quickly, you may miss some of the steps or go through them a bit faster.

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Words to woo a girl

Words to woo a girl

Dealing with a woman, everyone must understand that every small detail can influence your relationships. Even the words, carefully selected and pronounced in the right moment, can change the situation for the better.

For those men, who still care about the words, we offer the phrases, which can prompt you what to say when toasting a girl. So, try the list of the following: 

  • you're the prettiest flower in the garden of my life,
  • you know me better than my friends,
  • I can speak my heart out to you,
  • I can discuss my crazy fantasies with you,
  • I can speak to you about anything and nothing,
  • you understand my mood very well,
  • going out with you does not need a reason,
  • you can read me like a book,
  • you're bringing out the best in me,
  • you believe in me more than I do in myself,
  • you're a reminder for me of what is important in life,
  • no other girl can replace you.

These are just few words you can apply. The key point's to make woman feel unique, special, and indispensable. Don't forget, every word should come on time and should be appropriate in the situation. Otherwise, the girl can think you are just flattering her. It's not the result we need to achieve.

Talking to a native Nigerian girl

Talking to a native Nigerian girl

Every Nigerian woman is of great beauty. However, many of them belong to a particular tribe. That’s why you must be aware of how to speak right to woo them finally. We're going to observe a Hausa or Fulani girl. Being a Nigerian, you're probably familiar with the words of their language. But you may want to know how to toast such a girl.

The list of the most commonly used toasting phrases:



Kin yi kyau walahi! 

You’re very pretty! 

Ina son ki

I love you

Me sunan ki?

What’s your name?

Sai gobe

See you tomorrow


How are you?

Kina son kije (...) da ni?

Do you want to come (…) with me?

Baban kibarawo ne, dan ya sata wuta daga sama yasa a idon ki!

Your father’s a thief, because he’s stolen the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes!

Important tips

Important tips

Hints for successful toasting:

Set a goal. Select a girl and before coming closer, decide what purpose you want to achieve today. It may be just a comfortable conversation. Your purpose should be realistic.

Be polite. It’s obvious, however, many males try to be brutal and rude, because they think women like such behavior. That’s wrong.

Think of introducing yourself. There might be various ways to get acquainted with a girl. Choose the one and decide what you may start a conversation from.

 Do not talk much about yourself. Most of women like when men are interested in them. That’s why try to listen more than speak.

Pay attention to “clues”. Non-verbal signs are very important. They may show what a certain woman really thinks, whether she likes you or not.

Wooing may seem an easy task, however, it isn't always so. There're situations, when you lose chance because you’ve done or said something wrong. Or you’ve forgotten to let her know you like her as a female. It’s vital to avoid a friendzone, make up a proper strategy and follow the advice observed above. Thus, you'll successfully reach your goal!


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