What Type Of Person Is The Most Likely To Cheat?

I have to make this urgent post, because there are many incorrigible cheats who are just shameless.

A wife in Shomolu has threatened to pour hot water on the girl sleeping with her husband. She went to the family house of the girl and was shouting her threat in the open!

I have seen where hot water was poured on the private part of the mistress of a married man who was a top banker in Lagos.

From next month September, reports and rumours of cheating will be very rampant as desperate girls go fishing and phishing for their Christmas shopping.

I am not bothered about girlfriends or boufriends, because girlfriends and boyfriends are expendables, but wives must warn their husbands and beware of any girl or woman your husbands call and introduce as cousins or sisters.

Have you heard of forking cousins?

Forking cousins are common in Nigeria.

Please, read on and blow the cover of any girl or woman you know who wants to break the matrimonial home of any family.

What Type of Person is the Most Likely to Cheat?

While the desire to cheat is a fundamental, and unconscious, part of our human nature, not everyone will be unfaithful.

Like most of our behaviors, infidelity is not intentional, but, for the most part, it is situationally driven.

When placed in the right situation (or wrong situation, in this case), our emotions can get can prompt us to act in ways which are counter to our beliefs. Please note that some of the factors listed below are drawn from Buss and Shackelford's work on infidelity (also see, stats about infidelity).

What factors influence an individual's willingness to cheat?


All things being equal, an individual’s attractiveness influences how likely he or she is to cheat. Attraction comes in many different forms – it is influenced by one’s physical appearance, one’s social skills, and one’s tangible resources (money). The more one is in demand, the more likely one is to cheat. People, who have higher incomes, more education, and successful careers, are more likely to cheat than people who are less successful. And physical attractiveness also plays an important role (see, face of a cheater - Lying and Cheating Blog).


Again, all things being equal, the more individual free time people have the more likely they are to cheat. Couples who have separate social lives, friends, careers, travel plans, and so on are much more likely to cheat than couples who spend most of their time together. The more opportunity people have to cheat, the greater the odds that cheating will occur.

Risk Taking

People who like to take risks or have a sense of adventure are more likely to cheat than people who are more fearful or timid by nature. And there is most likely a genetic component involved in risk-taking behavior - some people may be predisposed to taking risks (see, understanding genetics).

Sexual Desire

Sexual desire varies from person to person. Some people have a very high sex drive while other people are much less concerned or interested in sex. And people with a high, rather than low, sex drive are more likely to cheat. Again, sexual desire appears to be influenced by genetic factors. Some people are inherently more easily excited and driven by their desire for sex than other people (see, webMD). People who have multiple affairs are often addicted to the novelty and excitement which infidelity can provide (also see, coolidge effect).

Attitude Toward Love and Romance

Attachment and Love Styles

Some people view love and romance as a sacred bond between two individuals. Other people see love as a game, where the goal is to manipulate another individual and gain emotional power over a partner (see, ludus and lovefraud). People who view love as a game are much more likely to have multiple love interests; cheating is just another way to gain control over one's spouse. Also, people with a dismissing style of attachment, are more likely to cheat (see, attachment styles and born to stray).

Relational Problems

As problems emerge in a relationship, people are more likely to cheat. Infidelity is more common in relationships where people feel misunderstood, under appreciated and where fighting and bickering is common (see, evaluate your relationship).

Sense of Entitlement

Some people, due to their position in society, their beliefs about gender roles, or their cultural upbringing, believe that it is their right to cheat on their partners. In other words, some people believe that cheating is a privilege to which they are entitled. Such individuals, philanders, often engage in infidelity with little guilt or remorse.

Additionally, our cheater risk assessment (an infidelity test) is an interactive quiz designed to let you compare your romantic partner against our profile of people who cheat.


And the blog, Truth, Lies and Romance, provides a description of the different types of affairs that people typically have.


How To Detect Lying and Deception by a Romantic Partner

Most people want to know how to catch a liar.

So, it should come as no surprise that decades of research has been done on this subject.

And many of the findings uncovered actually run counter to what most people believe.

In particular, the following issues have been examined in detail and can be found on the pages that follow:

nonverbal signs of lying

love and detecting deception

why lying is easy

overestimating our ability to detect deception

training people to detect deception

mistakes to avoid when detecting deception

how to discover the truth

consequences of discovering deception

how deception actually gets discovered

We have also created a brief summary of the key findings, which can be found here:

how to tell if someone is lying

tips for discovering the truth



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The last time Orikinla visited...


Well it depends,

If u dont get love, attentions, sex from home

then more likely u will b looking for those outside home.

Most cheaters have huge egos and are hurt easily if you don't pay attention to them all the time. They have no problem hurting others, in fact, it makes them feel like they've got power. You can also tell by their last relationship. If they got with you before they broke up with the last person, they'll probably do the same to you.

As far as someone checking out others in front of you, it's hard to tell if they're a cheater just by that. They are disrespectful as hell which is a good breeding ground for cheating. There's no reason for someone to do that to you. If they lie alot, yeah, that's another great sign that they might cheat. Best find yourself another guy who is a little more secure in himself and doesn't always have to find if the grass is really greener on the other side.



Those who Cheat can stop cheating if they really make up their mind to be faithful. But it depends on their partners.



First time may be an adventure, what about those that have done so over and over again and are waiting for the next opportunity?


those of us who look like butter wont melt in our mouth


The tendency to cheat is inherent in every human being. And, when i say cheat, I mean in all ramifications, i.e. in every aspect of human endeavour or relation. Therefore, we should be addressing those factors that are precursors to cheating; we identify, isolate, group, and address them.

In our peculiar environment here, these factors are not far fetched. In categorizing them, we talk about the economic, social, political, cultural, and most importantly the religous factors. Are you surprised I say religious? Dont be. By the time each and everyone of us start reflecting on these factors you will clearly get the picture of what I am talking about. Look at the larger picture.

In as much as I do not encourage immoral acts, I also is realistic enough to know that our environment encourages and nurtures this act of immorality.

We need to pause for a while and ask questions.


Anybody and Everybody is most likely to cheat! You cant categorize people in this area.

The rich cheat, the poor, the religious, men, women, etc.


What more can I say ,


What Type Of Person Is The Most Likely To Cheat?

The one that has never cheated before, because they think it's all new and adventurous and stuff. A seasoned cheater like myself is much more likely to stop cheating if he puts his mind to it.

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