What types of women tend to cheat on their men?

Today a lot of literature on the topic extramarital relations is available - including women. How to know that a woman cheats, how to forgive (or why it is not necessary to forgive or why it is not necessary to do) - people are looking for answers to these and other questions relating to this difficult and unpleasant themes. But the resolution of any problem begins with an understanding of its causes - and now we are going to talk about types of women who tend to cheat.

cheating women

Psychological types of individuals (women) who have a penchant for extramarital affairs should be divided taking into account their personal qualities. The researchers believe that there are subjective factors that contribute to adultery. Undoubtedly, quiet lazy people rarely engage in extramarital relation, as in this case, you have to be flexible, try to always and everywhere to keep up. Conversely, for an enterprising and energetic woman there are not difficulties to establish sexual contact with multiple partners. Human sexual temperament plays an important role, which is largely determined by the state of physical health and is associated with the general temperament.

However, the level of sexual temperament may not coincide with the sexual needs of people who often cheat (from the simple satisfaction of sexual desires to the variety of techniques and desires for sexual entertainment). However, being faithful in this case depends not only on the ability to control the expression of the sexual instinct, but on the selectivity in the erotic-sexual area. In this regard, women are more reserved in their sexual aspirations, but can be attributed to one or another type.

cheating women

Psychological types of women who are prone to extramarital relations

1. "Temptress" wants to be loved and to have fans for this purpose she uses sex. However, her real desire for sexual relations is usually not real. Very often she is a bad hostess, her husband is unkempt, her own children are forgotten, but she is always taking care of herself, never tiring of the various cosmetic procedures. She draws attention only to herself, to the body. She willingly allows being loved, although it is absolutely not exciting for her and she does not meet it physically. The women of this type are interested only in one person – herself.

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2. "A lover of adventure" seeks to nothing binding her sexual adventures with the least possible involvement of the emotional feelings, but at home she is a good wife and mother. She loves her husband, but doesn’t find with him a common language (sexually). Partner for active adventure she selects herself: looking for sexual experience, which lacks in family life.

With such a woman it is always easy, warm, cozy, there is no problem. She does not make a theatrical scene, but tries to be condescending, kind, patient, touching and she gently supports and takes care of her husband.

cheating women

Even if she had always considered herself as a woman of strict behavior, it may be a good lover because she feels that it delivers extra-marital pleasure for the partner. If, nevertheless, such a woman is a "passing figure" for a man, she often does not make a tragedy, transfers occurred rupture of relations more relaxed than he had expected. Extramarital contacts, despite their considerable number of women, she tries to keep in secret, she does not speak about them even with best friends. In the eyes of others, it is the only man in her life - her husband.

3. "Defenseless" is not able to refuse on the grounds that the sexual passion of men immediately calls for reciprocal feeling. She has a low threshold for sexual excitability, she does not show initiative, she finds satisfaction, humbly giving herself into the power of a partner.

This personality trait is formed mainly in the specific conditions of professional employment. Initially, the woman is inferior to sexual harassment within the service relationship, and then it starts to be for her a kind of normal life. Due to such frequent cases sociologists has been prompted to divide them into groups: saleswomen, secretaries, assistants, conductors, flight attendants.

cheating women

4. "Dissatisfied" can’t find satisfaction, even her husband, job and friends can’t help her. She doubts the correctness of the choice of a partner, even when she has a sufficiently long relationship. She easy falls in love with another person. In love affairs often feels guilty and this is becoming unbearable.

This woman is very purposeful, strong-willed, with resolute character, she does not deviate from intentions ever. She is always happy about her appearance and beauty, the same can’t be said about her close social environment, including, her husband. Falling in love again, she becomes a very feminine person, attractive and flirtatious with her extramarital partner.

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