When it's dangerous to have sex?

Can sex be dangerous? Learn the 4 situations, when it is and stay in the safe ground.

When it's dangerous to have sex

There are times when men have to say “no,” regardless of how much they wish to get busy with the woman. Sex can be dangerous and in these situations, you better make the rule to stay away from it.

1. When you two are at her folks’ place

You came over to her parents’ house, and you two are in her room. Such a tempting situation, but dangerous. The folks may come in at any time. You will get hugely embarrassed or kicked out of the place. They may even make her break up with you. So, there is no good reason to risk, just say “no” and stay in the safe.

 have sex

2. When she is your bride

Some girls are still virgins when they get married. If she is, there is no need to rush things and do it before the wedding. She is hot, and you are crazy about her. Wait a short while. She is not yours, yet. This makes the first night so special and desirable.

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3. The last night before the wedding

Let’s say your pals have gotten up your bachelor’s party and invited a stripper or hot girls. Do not yield to the temptation. You have met that significant other and decided to marry her. Do not ruin your new life with cheating! 

When it's dangerous

4. Being drunk

It’s the time you have the most dangerous sex ever. You become rather careless and may not use condoms or other protection things. If you barely know the girl, you may get some lethal disease from her, such as HIV or AIDS. Or you can impregnate her and then what? Sex and alcohol do not work well together. Plus, if you get up to 5 drinks, your performance in bed may not be the best. You risk shaming yourself.

These situations are dangerous. You should be aware of them, come up with the rules for your love life and stick with them!


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