When to kiss a girl? – The right timing tips for men

When is the best time to kiss the girl for the first time? The answer is not easy to get, but it’s here in the post!

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First kisses are thrilling, exciting and scary! Guys want them, but can be mortified to take the first step. When to kiss a girl is the question they ask. Let’s find the answer!

When is the best time to kiss a lady for the first time?

Various dating gurus write up whole manuals on such things. However, relationship and romance can hardly be fathomed out by the book! Still, these tips can help you to figure out.

  1. “Perfect time” is a myth!
    The desire to kiss a hot woman is natural. You see her gorgeous puffy lips and want to snatch a kiss right away. However, most men wait for the “right time”. Surely, first impressions are precious, but even a bad first kiss can be the beginning of awesome relationship.
    So, what is to be done? If you want it, get it! If you wait for the perfect time every date and never see it coming, most likely the girl will get bored with you and leave. So, go for it!
  2. End the date with it
    It’s a nice ending and a useful one, too. For one, you get the kiss and secondly, you get an idea if the girl really likes you. She many have more than one reason to go out with you. Surely, you like to think she is into you, but she may just have no one else to take her to a nice place. You turn up with an offer and she takes it.
    Do you want to invest your money or time into such relationship? Well, the first kiss at the end of the first date clears things up a bit.
    If she is not into you, she will pull away or give you her cheek.
  3. Watch the signs
    Oh, those mysterious signs! But they are there and they do not lie. For one, see if she touches you. If she likes you real well, she would touch your hand or arm or bump into you “accidentally”.
    She will also lick her lips or gaze at yours. See, how she reacts to your touches. Gently hold her hand, touch her arm or back (not the lower part!). If she is ok with it, move to a little hug.
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  4. Ask her permission
    Most girls like that. Flirt with her and ask her for a kiss. It makes you a gentleman and you show her respect.

These tips are great, but you still can mess things up following them. Many guys keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

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First kiss mistakes to avoid:

  • Using your tongue
    No, no, big NO! First kiss is not for sex, it’s an act of romance! Just a gentle lip touch is enough. Keep the tongue in your mouth!
  • Having foul breath
    Eating spicy foods or garlic is a bad idea. Do not do it before the date and do not forget to order something neutral during the date, if you aim for that kiss.
    Keep them in proper places. Again, the first kiss should not be sexy. It’s a light appetizer, so to say. So, touching certain parts of her body is not appropriate here, especially on the first date.

These rules will help you to make the first kiss memorable and sweet.

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