Where to go to a date in Lagos?

What are the best places for a date in Lagos? If you are situated there and are going to impress your crush, read this article and visit one of them!

date in lagos

Date is a process that requires a quiet place, a romantic atmosphere and some good music. For a certain period of time dating in Lagos has been an issue. But currently there are many places where you can spend some time with someone you want.

Let us observe these places, and maybe one of them will suit for you.


bheerhugz lagos

It’s a perfect place for spending time with your half. The bar is located inside of Ikeja City Mall, it’s a perfect spot where different personalities and minds can spend time with each other. Bheerhugz has a wide variety of drinks and dishes.
Their menu is really enjoyable in the created atmosphere. You can order fish, chicken and goat red hugz. The best one is the “Pork chops”, no one leaves this place without tasting it.


taruwa lagos

This is the best option if you want to impress the one you are going to date with your interests in music and poetry. Taruwa is an arena for performances, located in Falomo, Ikoyi. Besides, artists often perform dance numbers, so you will never get bored there.

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SS Lounge

ss lounge lagos

Choose this place if you want to combine your date with observing a sports match. Located on Victoria’s island, SS Lounge is a place with comfortable environment, lounge music, huge variety of drinks and tasty menu.
It’s an unusual place where sport meets comfort lounge atmosphere.


alalo lagos

If you don’t plan a high budget date but still want to sit back and relax with your girlfriend, this place is perfect. It’s located in quiet sector of Ikeja. The interior is completely in African style, so you might feel like you are in some art gallery.


rhapsody's lagos

This restaurant is known for its romantic atmosphere which makes it perfect for the first date. Located inside of Ikeja City Mall, it has a romantic settings and very wide menu.
If you want to impress someone with a tasty wine, Rhapsody’s has a huge wine list and all its workers are competent to give advices about it.

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