Which condom brands are the best and safest in Nigeria?

How to pick the best condom brand for your safety? Get the answer now.

How to choose the best condom

Using a condom can save your life or prevent an unwanted pregnancy. So, picking safe and best condom brands in Naija is important. Let’s get some tips.

How to choose the best condom brands in Nigeria?

It’s not so much about your comfort or ease of having sex. Picking the right condom is truly a make it or break it factor. If you get the right one, you stay safe and prevent its breakings, picking up an STD or getting your lady impregnated. These things should be taken into consideration when making your choice.

  1. Price
    A cheat condom is rarely a safe one. If the price is low, the manufacturer might have used cheat materials for their products. So, the best pick is the average price. Do not try to save on your health and safety of your sex.

     the best condom brands
  2. Size
    No, one size does not fit all. So, carefully read the instructions on the package. There you can find the size of the condom and the size of the penis it fits the best. If you pick a rubber too tight, it can cause erection problems, tons of discomfort and it can break down quickly.
  3. Material
    Latex condoms are great, but some people have allergies and cannot use this material. So, give it a try and watch for possible symptoms in your private parts and ladies too. If you are not sure whether the girl is allergic to latex, get few different kinds of condoms to prevent any inconveniences.

     condom brands in Nigeria
  4. Thick or thin
    Surely a thin condom boosts your sensations during sex and makes it more natural. But at the same time, it provides less protection. Keep that in mind.
  5. Ribs or tales
    Some condoms are crafted in a way to boost the pleasure your lady gets during the sex. They can have ribs or tails on the end to cater to her needs.

     the best condom in Nigeria?
  6. Lubes and spermicide
     Again some condoms already have much lubricant on them. These are perfect for the first time sex and for ladies who suffer from vaginal dryness. Take notice of the odors or colors added to the lube. They can evoke allergies.
    Some condoms provide additional protection for pregnancy prevention. They are covered with spermicide and kill all the semen cells that manage to escape from the rubber.
  7. Packaging
    Make sure the package of the condom is undamaged and it states the shelf life of the product. Expired products may not offer the protection you need.

    How to choose condom

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As you see, there is no one condom brand to name. It all depends on your personal needs and demands for the product.


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