Who enjoy more during intercourse in Nigeria

Who enjoys intercourse (sex) more? Women vs. men - get top facts and hints on this interesting subject.

We all need to be a part of community and be related to each other.  Besides, men and women engage in special relations –sexual ones. It has become one of the essential parts of our life. However, it isn’t easy to say who enjoys more during the intercourse. Men and women act and feel differently during this process. And thus, they may have dissimilar points of view on its value.

who enjoy intercourse more

 As we’ve mentioned, there is no human being on Earth who can live without having contacts with other beings. Our energy and stress are relieved when making love and we feel much better. Intercourse might be described, as a process of interaction or engagement between two individuals.

Importance of intercourse

What you should know first is why it is so important for people to have such kind of contacts. There are several reasons, which include the following:

  1. Intimacy. It allows you to know your partner in a better way and become closer. S/he become your very special person. You can find out what makes someone you love happy.
  2. health benefits of sex Stress relief. Making love, our body produces special hormone (oxytocin), which makes us happier. The same thing happens when we, for instance, eat chocolate.

    Scientists managed to prove that couples who hook up less often, experience more stress. Thus, it may not only give you pleasure but also make your life better.
  3. Emotions. Despite of being a physical phenomenon, coition starts and ends with romance. People express their feelings towards each other.  

    Besides, healthy sexual life proves that people still love and are interested in each other. It is also stated that couples who often get busy demonstrate more feelings in public. That means intimacy helps to be open with other people.
  4. Hormonal balance. It mostly concerns women. When scoring they produce more female hormone estrogen. Frequent orgasms can help to delay menopause symptoms, control menstrual cycle, and even increase fertility.
  5. Cancer risks reduction. Everyone knows that cancer has become a global problem these days. However, with the help of such bonds you can avoid several types of this terrible disease – breast and prostate cancer.
  6. Longer life. Hookin’ up may help to heal wounds and regenerate your organism. Besides, it makes you less prone to any illnesses. It fights the aging process and increases your immunity. None of the existing medical drugs or creams will help you better.
  7. A good kind of sport. It affects all your muscles and thus your everyday exercises become easier. And you burn up to 400 calories per sex session.
  8. benefits of sexEasing up the pain. As we’ve mentioned happiness hormones are produces during this process. And they influence your body in a very good way, relieving pain.

    That means your headache is not the reason to refuse sex, but the reason to make it actually happen.
  9. Libido increase. The more often you do it, the more you want it. Every act makes you feel even better than the last one. Moreover, you get more pleasure each time.
  10. Bladder control. Sometimes people have to go to the toilet every five minutes. Some of them cannot even have a good sleep at night because of it. If you are one of them, remember that making love is your best treatment. It may help to make your pelvic muscles to become much stronger.
  11.  Better sleep. Do you have insomnia or any other sleep disorders? Get more sex. It will undoubtedly make you sleep like a baby. It happens because during the intercourse, some chemicals are released out of your body, and it helps you to relax.
  12.  sex for younger lookYounger look. No creams or tonics will make you look younger than this process. Studies show that those who have more humping, look better than those who don’t have it at all.
  13.  Shorter periods. It will probably surprise you, but the more orgasms woman has, the shorter her menstruation becomes. The fact is that when your pelvic muscles contract, it helps to expel blood faster. Moreover, making love lowers the risks of painful cramps.
  14. Healthier skin. If you have any problems or just feel unhappy about yourself, sex can be helpful.  DHEA hormone, produced during the intercourse has a good effect on your skin and body in general. 
  15.  Staying smart. It is a proven fact that sex allows you to stay clever.
    sex makes you smart
    It increases blood flow to the brain, which means you will be more alert. After getting busy, your brain becomes sharper. You see, how many reasons there exist for making it happen? This is not a complete list of them! There is more to look forward to.

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Who enjoy more during intercourse

who enjoys sex more 2It is quite a complicated question to answer. Let’s, first, look at what plain people say about it.

Most of the responses on the Internet say that women usually enjoy more.

The reason is that they concentrate on the process itself and get pleasure, while men like domination, power, and possession of beauty in the humping.

Other people, however, claim that both partners enjoy the same or the one who is the first to have orgasm does.

Now let’s have a look at the scientific statistics. It says that only 25% of women actually have orgasms every time they have sex (regardless of its duration, penis size, and the relationship between partners). 

Another numbers point, about 50% of women have orgasms periodically. 20% have it seldom, and 5% have never had it at all. Thus, as the research claims, women need other types of stimulation to get the pleasure.   

Concerning men, the issue is obvious enough. About 75% of men have orgasms every time they make love. If a man doesn’t have it there might be some psychological, physical, or any other reason. For, example, he may feel stressed out or tired.

However, the numbers prove that men enjoy it more than women, who may require other kinds of stimulations to score.

Facts on sex:

  • facts on sexMen are more obsessed with sex. Men under 60 think of it at least once a day. Only about 25% of women think about it as frequently as that.
    Men seek intimacy more avidly. They want it more often than women do at any stage of the relationship.

    Sexual turn-ons for women are more complicated. Sometimes even women themselves cannot identify what turns them on.
    Women's sex drives are affected by social and cultural factors. Their peer group, environment, and even religion may have certain influence. Women take a less direct route to sexual satisfaction. Women’s desire is contextual, they need some kind of plot. For men, humping is a simpler thing.
  • Different experience of orgasm. It has been pointed that during fooling around mostly men have orgasms. Besides, 4 minutes are enough to reach it for men, while women need about 10 minutes.
  • Responses to medications. Special medications might be applicable for men, while in women’s case their search is more or less elusive.
  • Orgasms power and length. Women may have orgasms up to 10 minutes long and multiple in numbers, while men’s one is only about 15-60 seconds.

As the statistics show, classical intercourse is more pleasurable for men as the majority of them get orgasm during it. However, women can enjoy the same, but some of them need some additional stimulation. It is also important to know, that sex is not only about pleasure, but also about your health, and, of course, childbirth. If you want to live longer, look better, and be smarter, do not refuse sex with your husband or wife.

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