Who is a good husband?

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There are no perfect people – we can't be all the time, for everyone in everything good, everything positive has its reverse side in the form of negativity.

This simple dialectics, known to all at the household level, makes us to know that quality husband is not the perfect husband. But, it is, of dialectics, we understand that:

1. Quality husband can not be contradictory: if he is good at something, then surely, something is bad.

For example, if the husband will be beautiful, it may be, for example, a bad father, or not very smart.

Moreover, the positive qualities of her husband, by themselves, have their negative. For example, the increased sexual activity of the husband can lead to wife's banal with trachoma on the part of the husband: often, a lot, but not efficiently.

Quality husband. What are the qualities of a husband?

2. The quality of the husband – it is not something permanent – "forever".

Loving husband, for example, may eventually turn into a grumpy couch, and a nondescript young man to become a "man even where."

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