Who is the shortest couple in the world?

Have you seen the shortest couple in the world? Take a look now!

 shortest lovers?

Love never pays attention to such things as size or height. It comes to all of us and makes us happy. These two people are unique, as they make the shortest couple in the world. Just take a look at them and learn their story.

How tall are the shortest lovers?

Well, they both do not reach 90 cm in height. The girl is just few cm taller than her boyfriend. The shortest couple resides in Brazil. They met on social media and at first chatted via MSN messenger. However, the little beauty is picky, and she blocked her same size suitor at first. She considered him too nice and boring for her.

How tall are the shortest lovers

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Later on (actually 18 months later) she unblocked him, and they kept on chatting. Finally, they met and four years later moved in to share an apartment. This girl is cute and smart. Her name is Katyucia Hoshino and she owns a beauty salon. All the furniture in it is made to order to fit the amazing owner.

How tall shortest lovers?

The guy’s name is Paulo Gabriel da Silva. He drives a specially equipped car to suit his size. At first, his GF did not take kindly to his outfits, so the man had to change his style in clothes. Apparently, that is not an easy task for such an extraordinary man.

He is 30, and she is 26. Paulo is the first date ever of Katyucia. They are in love and happy together!

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