Who Says Naija Men Are Not Romantic?

I think naija men are the most romantic breed. The problem we have wit our women is what i'll like to refer

to as "social programming". It's

a pity that our naija babes

have been wrongly

programmed since childhood

to believe that for a guy to

be romantic then he must be a stereotype of

the guys in those James

Hardly Chase romantic novel

they've been secretly reading

while their parents were

asleep. To worsen the

situation, the emergence of

nollyhood has made almost

every girl to expect all

guys to behave like

Ramsel Noah or Saint Obi

before they can say we men

are romantic. But you know

what? Ladies, all that one na

mirage. Relationship is not a bed of roses. If you must

expect romantic behavior

from the guys, you first have

to proved to him that you

deserve such? Don't expect

Nigerian guys to come to

your house with a bouquet

of flowers and a sheepish

smile like James Bond before

you know we are romantic

because we are nigerians and

have our own style and the

sooner you come to realise

that the better for u. Simply learn to understand & appreciate

our own naija romantic

gesture which you seem to

be so ignorant of and don't

expect us to play foreign

romantic scripts for you, we

are real men not actors.[color=][/color]

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“Where are we going?” Gladys asked Edward as she stepped out of the office bathroom. He’d just come back after three weeks in China and though they’d spent most of the past few days together, he never mentioned they’d go out tonight. He only called this morning to ask her to take a change of clothes for an evening on the town with some friends.

“You’ll know when we get there. It’s a surprise.” He turned to smile at her before tidying up his papers and ushering her out of the office. “And you look good in that top.”

“Thanks, glad you like it. But don’t dodge the question. Why won’t you tell me now?”

“Not yet, wait till we get there. Or you can try guessing.”

“Oh Edward, you know I don’t like surprises.”

They took the elevator to the underground car park and were soon on their way. Unlike most of their dates, this wasn’t set in advance. He usually picked her up after work, either alone or with friends, to take her home or out for drinks. Sometimes, they went to her book club or similar literary events. Other times he introduced her to new places; some he’d discovered as a university student during his first years in the city.

They were caught in the perennial hold-up on Awolowo Road when she turned under the seatbelt. “OK, do you know what?”

“What is that?” Edward adjusted his side mirror as an okada bike sneaked in between the stationary cars.

“I got a query yesterday. My boss says I nod off at my desk.”

“So you are one of those people who sleep at work, eh? I have some of those in my office too.”

“I got you,” Gladys chuckled. “I actually enjoy my duties.”

“You’re sure you do not sleep on the job?”

“No I don’t.” Did he think she was serious?

“Is that your final answer or do you want to phone a friend?” Edward deadpanned as the traffic began to inch forward.

Caught unawares, Gladys laughed easily. It was clear she would have fun tonight. “Really, I was only trying to pull your leg. I’ve never received a query.”

“Well my legs are quite busy now, so please don’t pull any of them.” Their laughter blended into each other.

He looked at her when she stopped. “What did you receive?”

“That’s the deal. I’ll tell if you say where we’re headed.”

He guffawed. She put a hand on his thigh, “Edward please, ”

“So you thought to make a stand? I didn’t think so.”

She pouted and looked away. They soon arrived at Reed’s Restaurant, which served Thai food. They had been here before, but Gladys was surprised to see her friend Ola walking up to the car. She opened the door and stepped out.

“What a coincidence!” She said as Ola came closer to them.

“I don’t think it is.” Ola pointed to the group of people near the doors of the building.

Gladys looked up and gasped; she looked over to Edward who had just finished locking up.

“Happy birthday to you darling.” He smiled innocently at her.

Now that is a romantic naija guy. Read and learn people. LOL. To know more, go to LULU and download this romance novel set in Lagos. http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=4531432


Well, this one wey all the women in the house dey protest so. Hmm, well, she who wears the high heel knows where it pinches. If i am to go by what you all are saying then that means i'm the only romantic naija man alive. Chei ya, unfortunately i cant practically prove that to all of una but for nairaland sake i pray make una dey waka enter the right places so that una fit see the right bobo wey go treat una like an african queen, cos there are guys like that, there are definitely guys that know their onion. Keep searchin. Nothin good comes easy abi?


Ebony wat do you know about romance. Well, if you teach me i no mind.



I think its time you come down from that tree house of yours and stop actin like a bush man. You need social programmin!!


Only a romantic man can marry more than one wife and still satisfy them all both in bed and otherwise. oyibo men marry only one wife yet cannot satisfy them thats why the divorce rate is high over there. This same 'social programming' don make una no fit reason again upon the school una go. Waste of education.

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