Why are women attracted to hairy men?

What is your type? Have you ever thought of dating a hairy man? What are the attributes of a perfect man? This article will answer these and even more questions!

attracted to hairy men

A lot of girls nowadays have a tendency to be attracted to hairy men. But what is so special about them and what are the reasons to date hairy men? First of all, your boyfriend will never let you be cold.

Because of the hair in his chest you can always hug him and feel really warm. That’s what every girl dreams about during long winter days.

One of the biggest benefits of hairy men is that they are really kind and they are a lot more loving and caring that they might seem.

You will have a lot of fun dating such a guy but at the same time he will really love you and you will surely feel it.

There is no scientific evidence to that, but as a rule hairy men are more likely to love you for who you are – without makeup and fashionable clothes. You can be yourself and they will accept you no matter what.

If these qualities seem really important in men for you, this is definitely your type!

Why are women attracted to hairy men? They let you have your personal space – you won’t have to worry that they will try to read your messages or take control over you.

They will only interfere if they think that something is wrong. Moreover, the guy with a lot of hair will surely be really open to you – he will share all his secrets and you will feel comfortable to do the same thing.

That’s why you will really enjoy having a hairy man as a boyfriend. Most of the time the hairy guys are also very muscular. Not that it’s necessary going to be like that with your boyfriend too though.

attracted to hairy men

However, almost all of them are really reliable so you can always expect them to help you in any kinds of situations.

These guys are usually really polite and they will probably make a good impression on your parents. They know exactly what to say and how to show good manners.

And in case you have this couple fight, he will try not to insult you, he will do anything to stop your quarrel. But it’s never going to be boring with him!

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He will always think of something to cheer you up and you will probably go to different places for a date.

Attributes of the perfect man

It’s very easy to understand when you are falling in love. Butterflies in your stomach, all those crazy nights and thoughts about that person 24/7.

But how can you understand if this relationship is actually going to make you happy and if it is serious? The attributes of a good man will help you figure it out. First of all, the guy is very confident.

He will spend less time talking and will actually act. He knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. Moreover, this guy knows his priorities.

He understands that family is the most important thing and work and friends come after that. He knows how to spend his time, how to organize things so that everything is fine in all areas of his life.

attracted to hairy men

This man will also be brave – he will try to make sure that you are safe. If there is any danger, he will do anything to protect you. You will never feel scared when you are next to him.

What is more, he will always listen to you. It doesn’t matter if you have real problems or just want to discuss your new lipstick, he will always be happy to hear you talking and support you in your decisions.

The perfect guy is also a leader. He will try to make sure that everything is going great with you and your relationships.

However, he won’t be trying to make you do what he wants – you will definitely have equal rights.

He will be really organized and decisive – he will know where he keeps his stuff and won’t hesitate if he needs to make a decision.

If he wants to get the girl he is in love with, he will surely pay attention to her, and he will want to learn her. Not only her basic information, but also all her weird habits and favourite movies.

If he wants to achieve success in something, he will do anything to do it and nothing will be able to stop him from it.

A great guy will be reasonable – he won’t be too emotional or too aggressive. Even if someone is trying to insult him he will remain quiet and won’t make any stupid decisions.

attracted to hairy men

You can totally trust him and you will most likely feel comfortable talking to him no matter what subject you discuss. It doesn’t mean that he won’t react if he doesn’t like your behaviour.

He will just do it gently – without yelling or pointing out your imperfections. He will be very protective.

Even if he sees some other girls who get offended in the streets by some guys, he will do anything to make sure she is safe.

The great man won’t lie to you – even though the truth is sometimes painful, it’s totally worth knowing it. He will respect you no matter what problems you have.

He is very responsible with everything including money. He will plan everything to make sure both of you aren’t spending too much. His jokes are really funny!

The person you are dating has to have good sense of humour or otherwise it will be quite difficult to communicate. He won’t be selfish – he will care about others more than about himself.

He will be happy for someone else’s achievements even if that person isn’t his friend. He will be really understanding. Sometimes we have to face difficulties and not everyone can deal with it the same way.

Therefore, a great guy will at least try to understand your feelings and support you.

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