Why Ask Why In A Relationship?

Some people believe that Relationship is a game to win by chance.

Others said, love is a game played according to rules.

Others take love to be an affair that has terms of co-existence.

But to me, "God is love." and "Love is God". Any thing more is a fallacy

Do not be worried of who calls her on phone but check whom she calls only.

She is free to receive any call from any body even enemies and friends.

But she should NOT call anybody that is questionable in a relationship.

When you ask question, allow for answer first and do not conclude before she answers.

Show your partner that you can trust and not always investigating all things in doubts

Do not be too jealous for you will destroy yourself in so many worries

My finance once asked me "What is it that can cause you a broken heart in a R/Ship?"

I answered her saying, "Only LIES can break my heart"

I can stay with a wolf that is not disguised at all.

How can I stay with a wolf in sheep clothing?

I can't imagine living with a woman who is strange

It is not my duty to be checking phonebook and call.

I will die before my time in doing that.

It is her duty to tell me the truth of any action that I wish to know.

The truth may be hard but she should say it.

The truth may be bitter to say but all I need is the truth.

The truth may be said with tears but just go ahead and say it

The truth may shameful but say it with 2 eyes closed.

Any atom of lies is a doom

Any element of lie is deadly.

I should not force out truth from your mouth

If you lied, do not latter say "I am sorry" for you are not

You took me to be a fool when you lied

You are ready to do more by lying

You can kill if you can lie.

You have no repentances from you wrongs if you lied

Whatever is the fear that made you to lie is irrelevant to the lie.

If you must say the truth, do not think of the consequences.

The consequences will just be a measure of the wrongs. Nothing more.

Be ready to accept any consequences resulting from your actions.

It is a sign of courage and maturity in Relationship.

If you get forgiveness at last you will celebrate the truth you had said.


One who needs the truth must be ready to forgive the wrongs

One who wants the truth must not be suspicious

One who hates lies must not lie also

One who wants truth must not doubt the speaker

I can forgive any sin but cannot accept a single lie

Lie covers all mistakes but cannot solve any problem.

The problems are there waiting for explosion one day.

Please do not say sorry if I caught you latter after lying

A liar is a hardened sinner not just a sinner.

You are only sorry for being caught and not sorry for the wrongs.

Therefore if you lied, I will quit when I found out.

When? You may ask but it is one of these days

If you say the truth I may stay by God’s grace.

But if I quit after hearing the truth, do not regret the truth you said.

At least you will have peace of mind and you have shown maturity too.

If is shameful to say it, it is more shameful to do it


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Always. . . Always. . .


That's i always comment on sheep in wolves clothings. If being oneself is hard work. . .get a positive hobby.

Erhhh i think he/she can call a 'questionable' person. . .the circumstance would determine why the call was made.

Otherwise. . .well said


I absolutely agree, no matter how hard it is to hear a relationship can only be strong on trust and honesty. Once i am lied to trust is gone forever but some people want more chances, why? To lie to me again.


The truth must always be told though not everybody likes it.


Amen!! Beautifully said. Great words. Be nice if everyone lived like this in reality.

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