Why do guys like short girls?

It is a common stereotype that most guys only like tall women. However, we believe that short girls are the best, and here is why we think so!

short girls

First of all, let us start with the stereotype that men tend to like tall women more. That might not be absolutely true. Both guys and girls have different preferences in the opposite sex. You may choose a tall Skinny girl, while others like short ‘cuppie cake’. It is the same with the color of the skin, hair length and education level. It is all relative and depends on a person.

However, psychologists did not stop on this. As they mention, height is different from the color of the eyes, as height is a characteristic of the person you notice before you see anything else. Moreover, the biggest aspect for a man when he is considering what woman to date – a shorter or a taller one – is his own height and the way he feels about it.

Let’s say a short guy is looking for a girl to dat. Will he look for the One among the short girls? It depends on the way he feels about his own height. If he is secure and confident enough, he won’t feel embarrassed when dating a girl significantly taller than him. However, if a man is not secure about his self-image, he is more likely to date a shorter girl in order to make himself feel bigger and better.

short girls best

You probably know that fashion designers usually choose tall women to be their models (there exceptions though). Why is it so? Psychologists have proven that tall women are usually associated with wealth and ambitions. Even though, personally I, being short myself, believe that short girls are the best, the fashion shows an opposite effect.

The first face you seen when a group of women is coming up to you is that of the tallest one of them. That is the person that you seem to trust more. She looks more secure and assertive. They are mostly thought of as strong-willed women ready to change the world.

Even the statistical evidence shows that taller women are considered to be more trustworthy than shorter ones.

short girls are the best

However, there are a great number of guys who choose small girls as their mates. They claim there are a few reasons behind this, and here is a list of them according to the words of guys who think that “short girls are the best”.

  • On a subconscious level, men believe that short women, being equally attractive as well as tall ones, will make better mothers. They are usually not associated with work and great ambitions around their career growth. However, this is their advantage as they attract men who are ready to start families with them, provide for the needs of their children and think of the future ahead. And that is great!
    Moreover, such women are frequently considered to be more feminine, gentle and homely. They are not associated with the runways; thus, they will be the ones who will wait for a husband at home with a just-made apple pie and a cup of hot tea.
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  • Short girls are believed to be friendlier. Taller girls are seen as arrogant creatures. They are more likely to have lust after power and admiration, which makes it hard for certain types of men to think of building relationship with a woman that does not let him lead the way.
    It might not necessarily be so; however, shorter women are often seen as followers and great companions for life while taller women are considered to be power hungry.
    short women
  • Being taller than his woman, let’s a man feel stronger and bigger. Therefore, he can throw her on his shoulder and fool around with her. Can you imagine doing that with a girl way taller?
  • Kissing a shorter girl is much easier than a taller one, especially the one taller than you. It really is awkward when you have troubles reaching for her lips! These moments can be so embarrassing for a man, that he might decide one day that he is no longer doing that! Meanwhile, a short girl feels confident and protected when kissing a guy taller than her. He is bigger, so he can protect her!
  • If case you two are both quick-tempered, it is even better for you if your girl is shorter than you, since she won’t be able to slap you in the face when she gets very mad at you: she just won’t be able to reach that high! This fact, though crazy, can be an advantage men should consider when choosing between a taller and a shorter girl.
  • Short women look like they need you all the time. They are not able to grab their favorite cookies or take her favorite sweater from the top shelf. And that is when you turn out to be her Superhero! You are always there for her doing things she is not able to do!
    short girls rule
  • If you date a short girl you will always be able to tell whether she took your car or not. It is pretty obvious: sometimes they won’t fix the chairs back as you left them. So when you get into the car you feel awkward with your knees touching the steering wheel.
  • Short girls are the best even if they get extremely mad at someone. They would be standing there shouting at the top of their lungs if you broke her favorite mug like a little cute squirrel angry with a dog that chased her up a tree. And all the problems with such ladies can be solved by just having a good laugh together!
  • Surveys also showed that short girls are usually more passionate and emotional about many different things. They will cry when watching a sad movie or reading a romantic book. But most of all, they are passionate about you, your love and care for them. Therefore, they will pay you back for that!

short girls guys like

Thus, you see there are many reasons why short women are often considered more attractive and preferred over taller ones. However, the “type: of a girl you choose reveals your own personality. So have a closer look at it to learn something new about yourself!

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