Why do guys like shy girls? – Top 5 reasons

Why do men choose shy girls to build relationships with? Why are they so attractive? In this article you will get the explanation of this unusual men’s choice!

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The relationship between man and woman is always the favorite topic for both. How to behave in a right way to build perfect relationships? This question is top. Today we are going to open one secret to the ladies. Men love shy girls. Want to know more?

Shy people are certainly better than rude, self-confident, brutal ones. Shy girls are often intelligent, well-mannered. Men don’t like girls, who always want to be in the center of everything and who try to attract attention in any possible way. Believe me, a good guy would better pay attention to a cute, quite girl in the corner, than to ‘the star of this night’.

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Shyness often seems a curse than a blessing. Since childhood, people who are easily embarrassed, should get used to the many difficulties of life. First, it is not easy to go to the blackboard and answer the question in front of the whole class; then the same difficulty and come in the adulthood, making the communication at work or just strangers extremely difficult.

It may seem surprising, but, as for modest girls and women, many men choose and are in love with them. Though sociable and confident women, first attract attention, but for many men there are millions of reasons why they would prefer more modest and even shy girl.

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One of the main reasons is that shy girls are considered more intelligent, restrained and also housewifely. You will wonder why. Well, looking at a girl, every man subconsciously imagines her as a hostess of his home. So if she is rather shy, quiet, not brutal or vulgar, she looks like a good hostess.

Also every man is a hunter and a getter. And it’s not interesting for him to build some relationships with a popular, public and extravagant girl. She has no secret inside. So a man chooses a quiet and shy girl to know her better. To open the secrets one-by-one.

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Nigerian men love to introduce their ladies to their families. And, of course, id a girl is well-mannered and shy, it is a big plus. A lot of men prove that a quiet, shy girl is much more beautiful, than an active and talkative one. You shouldn’t show your personality all the time, being a mystery is always a right choice.

So top 5 reasons why men love shy girls:

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1. Modesty means femininity. Of course, it is not an immutable rule. However, for men such behavior often indicates that he must be active as a modest girlfriend is the one that behaves in accordance with the traditional division of roles.

For example, she would not talk to the man first and she will wait for him to speak to her himself. Men need to conquer the weaker sex, it is important for them to be active and fight for a woman.

2. Humility adds some mystery. If you’ve ever met a shy person, you certainly understand what it means. You can never guess what at any given point of time is on his mind. He has always almost the same ‘shy face’. However shy girls always provoke men to show their abilities in front of them and impress them.

3. Men can also suffer from shyness. Here, the girl’s modesty will play in their favor. After unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the overly sociable and self-confident women, such guys much easier find ways to communicate with modest girls. They can be sure that they will not be repelled. They are natural. They are with you, on your level.

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4. Shyness can indicate the great potential in the sphere of love. For many males the fantasies of domination and subordination are the major ones. So this feature can serve as a true promise of pleasure.

As you can see, shyness can be a significant advantage in the sphere of relations. And so in any situation it is important to be yourself - even if the superior feature of your true ‘I’ is modesty. When you want to build honest, long-lasting relationship, it’s important to stay yourself and behave naturally, but not pretend someone else. It can ruin even extremely perspective relationships.

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