Why do women like to date men with beards?

Last years girls loved guys with beards. Read this article and find out what are most popular seven reasons why girls adore having a date with bearded men.

men with beards

Latest fashion trends dictate men to wear beards. Last years most of the men were basically clean shaved, which was very modern and stylish. Nowadays male part of the world prefers a lumberjack’s look and it is understandable. Boys don’t need to irritate their skin while shaving every day.  And they get more free time. Also, there are many reasons why bearded guys are more popular by girls.

Better appearance

Guys with beards seem more sexual attractive for most of the girls. Men’s beards can have different shapes and haircuts. Boys can wear beards with a mustache and without. So beard has become a kind of makeup for guys. With the help of facial hair, boys can hide some skin problems such as acne and general ill teen skin condition, different scars. Beard can better a jaw line to those boys who suffer from a weak chin shape. Having a beard will always be very trendy and fashionable. Beards will never go out of style in many countries all over the world. And it creates such a nice difference in tender female looks and mature males appearance.


There was a trend on very feminine and almost gay-look guys a few years ago. Though they look very stylish, neat and soigné, women got tired from this trend. Appearance is always connected with behavior and girls need to feel protected. And all the women want to create a family. It is their ancient instinct. They will always subconsciously choose the one they feel could become a husband material. And it is quite difficult to get real protection from a boyfriend, who cares about his outfit and nail polish more than about his girlfriend. That is why women all over the world prefer to choose more harsh and masculine looking guys.

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More fun in bed

Men's beards can be a super benefit for girls when it goes about an intimate life. An experienced man can use his beard to please his lady and satisfy her in bed. This is something fully shaven boys are not able to copy. So this is a very special reason why girls like to date men with beards.

Being alpha

Men with beards are often leaders in every team and every situation. History tells us many examples when man’s beard was a sign of manliness, strong personality, and experience during many ages. For instance, in the Middle Ages, men couldn’t touch other men’s beard. Touching someone’s facial hair was considered like a very rude and disrespectful behavior, which could cause even a fight. And according to the fact girls like confident and guys with a good self-esteem, it is not a wonder, that many girls will prefer someone, who can protect her.

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A sign of a mature man

Manhood is very important for women. Every woman sees first of all a responsible father of her future child in her boyfriend; otherwise, it makes no sense to have a relationship. A raw teenager can make a child, but he can’t provide a good care of it. That is why girls often choose men with beards, as they seem to be more psychologically mature and grown up. Adult guys can take a financial responsibility of a family, which is critical for every female person.

No drama boys

Bearded guys seem to be more calm and intellectual. According to statistics, they have a more developed ability to the long-term thinking. Men with beards like to think and to discuss rather than to panic when they get into a trouble. Scientists say it is because the process of growing a beard takes a long time and needs much patience. A self-abandoned and chaotic person can’t wear a beard because he needs a fast result.

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Add some romantic

A man with a two-weeks-old beard looks like an actor from some adventures movie. While a man with a long beard looks rather like father and a family head, very protective and reliable, guys with short beards have an appearance of romantic lovers. They look more aggressive and passionate, which makes many girls insane and dream about a dating with such a man. And also men with beards seem to look more adventurous than their clean shaved counterparts. Bearded guys often like more active life’s style. They are fans of nature. This fact means you will have more fun time with your bearded boyfriend.

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Now you know seven fun reasons why you should appreciate men’s beard and date a man with a beard. If you are in a couple already and your boyfriend wants to grow a beard, don’t hamper him to make it – both of you will get great benefits of this little detail of a male appearance. 

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