Why guys shouldn't date girls who party and drink?

Dream to date girls, who are the best for you? What tips should you use to choose the right one? Why should you avoid party girls, who like drinking? You’ll find out everything here!

 parties and drinking

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right girlfriend? Where should you go and how to find a girlfriend? We are going to answer all these questions and add one more important topic: why you should never date girls who like parties and drinking.

If you are looking for ‘one night connection’, it will work out, but if not? The girls, who constantly visit clubs and love meeting new people, are extremely unreliable. Are you sure that tomorrow she will not meet another handsome guy? Or if she drinks, can you be sure that she will get so drunk that she will wake up in someone’s flat? Well, you can’t.

 girls on parties

Guys prefer to have sensitive, calm, nice ladies nearby. But party ladies are totally different. They are usually very passionate, sexy, sassy. You will not take such girl wearing mini-skirt to your parents’ home.

If a man thinks about his girlfriend as a future wife, this is one of the worse choices. Such ladies are getting bored at home very quickly. They miss that ‘drive’ and fun. Even kids sometimes can’t hold them at home. So they often leave kids to husband and go having fun with friends. They do not cook or clean flat, because after the long night of fun, they want to sleep all day long.

girl drinking

Also it is very difficult to make a girl get rid of bad habits, such, as for example: drinking. Everything is possible, so could you imagine she gets pregnant? What will be next? Her organism is toxic for a child, it’s getting older faster, it would be very difficult for her to bear a healthy child. But if it happened (thank god!), will she be able to raise him in a right way? Can a drunk girl treat her man right? I think, you know the answers.

The girls’ party and drinks change your beloved one completely. In few years your passion will fade away and you will not recognize a person by your side. ‘Drunkenness’ and its impact on a woman is changing her beyond recognition. Psychologically and also externally. But what exactly happens to a woman, who is an alcoholic?

party girls

  • Changing of her appearance. There appears extremely unhealthy shine of eyes, redness of her face and bluish spots. Hair becomes dull, greasy and matted. A woman speaks in a raised voice, gesturing nervously, ignoring all the perceives as a personal insult.
  • Subcutaneous fat disappears. Hands, feet and shoulders lose their smooth lines, muscle relief becomes too pronounced.
  • The body of the woman starts to get old very early. Teethes crumble and darken, hair turns gray and constantly falls out, the skin is wrinkled and decrepit.
  • It affects all systems and organs - the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine and others.
  • Malfunction of the thyroid gland starts. It leads to arrhythmia, excessive fullness or thinness.
  • Destroyed tissue of the adrenal gland, reduced production of hormones under the influence of alcohol toxic substances.

girl with cocktail

  • Toxic alcohol nephropathy is one of the possible consequences of alcoholism. The main symptoms are high blood pressure, swelling of the face, protein and blood in the urine. Because of this disease the kidney tissue begins to die. As a result - acute renal failure and death.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary and sexual systems. Cystitis, pyelonephritis and other ailments are pursuing women, who are alcoholics. And considering the fact that alcohol leads to familiarity in behavior, a woman is considering the norm to have a lot of sexual partners and forget about hygiene. That, in turn, leads to sexually transmitted diseases, frigidity, AIDS.
  • The woman's egg mutations occur. Consequence - miscarriages, birth of disabled children, and stillbirth.
  • Ovarian functions are weakened, which changes the overall hormonal balance. It reduces the production of female hormones, increases - male. As a result - the growth of a mustache and beard, hair growth on the chest, back, legs, thinness, etc. Further -uterine bleeding, early menopause.
  • Pregnancy, which appears in the process of intoxication often ends with criminal and medical abortion, provoking a miscarriage, death from complications of ectopic pregnancy, or (at best) a waiver of the newborn child.
  • Personality changes, the nervous system damages. Hysteria, isolation, mood instability, depression, despair. Often the result is suicide.
  • Dullness instinct of self-preservation, reduction of the usual reactions.
  • The loss of trust of loved ones, divorce, loss of job, rejection by society, and so on.

sexy couple

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Long night parties lead to unpleasant appearance, aggressive attitude and always bed mood. Well, after having fun none wants to work or be positive, but if it happens constantly, it becomes a huge problem.

How to choose a girl for a serious relationship correctly?

You should identify with the points and it is desirable to do before you start to build a relationship with the girl. And as fast you make the preliminary diagnosis, there will be more chances that your life together will be successful.

So, how to choose girlfriend or what must be between you and your potential partner:

potential partner

  1. Attraction. This is either falling in love, or love, or something on the level of logic. By the way, ‘drive’, in this case, means not only the sexual one. You must be extremely attracted to this person in every sense. And it could be any interest: intellectual, emotional, or even the material, it happens too.
  2. Comfort. You should feel this girl is absolutely comfortable. You do not bother communicating with her, you do not come out of her house, squeezed like a lemon, and with thoughts of suicide. You have the same core values, and even if something does not come together, it is not critical and it is not painful.
  3. Trust. In global terms, it is something without what all, in general, serious relationships with girls are pointless. An important point: there is trust or not. If you do not trust her, then trust will not appear. And you will always (somewhere in the depths of the soul) suspect that she does some dirty tricks. Under the trust we have in mind not only that you tell the girl all your innermost thoughts. Trust needs to be all around. You sleep quietly, when she spends the night with you, and you're not afraid that she will steal something. Are you sure that after the meeting with you, she will not run to have sex with someone else. In general, you must be convinced that it is absolutely reliable person.

happy couple

These three elements must present without fail. So before you start anything, running on all counts, and if you have set up all the pros, you can assume that this girl is worth venturing a serious relationship. But if at least one of the three points is negative - that's the real reason to wonder whether it is necessary to you? And if you think ‘okay, I’m a bit uncomfortable now, but it will certainly change’, you are really wrong. Do not expect that if you sit on a red-hot frying pan, you will gradually get used to it. Sooner or later there will be a critical time, with which you'll be unable to reconcile. Therefore, you need to know your needs, it is important to find what is critical for you, what must be present, and what certainly should not be in your relationship.

to be in relationship

The next moment: what qualities in a partner as a person must necessarily be present, and what is required to be absent. How to find her and how to choose the very right girl? This is best done by analyzing your past relationships. Currently make up a list of what (in past relationships) was good and what was not. What was critical for and became the reason why in the end it failed. In general, it is necessary to carry out some analytical work, to create for yourself a clear picture of what kind of the relationship you want.

kind of the relationship

And the last thing that determines the prospects of further relations with the girl - is whether you have already gone on a bat (you and your prospective woman). And if one of you has not gone on a bat, and is reluctant to part with her freedom, there can appear some serious problems. It is not just about sex. If you are simply still attracted to an endless party, if after work or school you want to go somewhere with friends the most, not to go home and deal with one person (every day), you're clearly not ready for a serious relationship with a girl.

Of course, everyone would like to guess, ‘his’ girl on the first try. But this, if it happens, is extremely rare situation. Not everybody even really knows his critical needs: like you start talking, everything is fine, and six months later you are in some kind of situation, when you realize that you absolutely cannot tolerate such behavior of the partner. A partner, in turn, is not ready to change, because she, too, has her own principles.

close relationship

Nevertheless, a lot of time spend on endless testing of girls is not quite good too. Therefore, it is desirable that the second if not, at least the third attempt becomes successful and you start to build your happy relationship with a girl.

Girls decorate our lives, making it brighter, richer and more emotional. Not surprisingly that the ability to get acquainted easily, to talk in an interesting manner, to charm and seduce girls is one of the most important components of a successful man's life.

relationship goals

So if you wish to build serious relationship, do not forget about our tips. Date girls and feel the fullness of life, because without them it’s kind of boring. But if it’s love, which you have suddenly met… It’s always worth fighting and changing yourself to get the real happiness.

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