Why ladies lie about their virginity?

What is virginity and why some ladies lie about it? Let’s get the answers.

 ladies lie

Women may not be eager to disclose a number of things about themselves. One of the things they are conscious about is virginity. These are the reasons why girls lie about it.

What virginity stands for?

Female virginity is something special. But what it is? Well, in the broad sense of the word it’s when a woman never had sex. Her hymen is unbroken. No male organ has ever penetrated her vagina. However, that’s a very general idea.

Women can have whole hymens, but at the same time they may go for oral or anal sex. Would that make them virgins? There are cases known to the science, when women with unbroken hymens gave birth to babies. How did that happen?

Well, the sperm can get in, when the man rubs penis on the outside of the vagina or be carried in on the fingers without breaking up the hymen. So, clearly, the whole hymen does not mean a girl is a virgin. Moreover, some ladies are born without the hymen, others damage and break it when riding bikes or lifting heavy things. It’s a tissue that can be easily broken.

In religion virginity stands for purity. But it is more a purity of heart that really counts. If the girl tries to please God and keep herself for the husband, she is the true virgin.

 ladies lie about virginity

So, why ladies lie about the virginity?

In most cases they do it for the men’s sake. Some guys are so set on marrying or having sex with a virgin. Some do it for religious purposes; while others get aroused by the thought of being the first one.

For centuries women have been denied their right of sexuality. If men had sex before marriage, it was Ok, but women could be killed or severely punished for losing their virginity. This fear is still there.

Surely, fornication is bad. But it is equally bad for girls and boys. There can be no double standard there! A man, who has sex outside of marriage is a sinner, so the woman is too.

Some girls wish to catch a rich man, so they pretend to be virgins to do that. Some ladies even perform an operation on their vaginas to restore hymen. Yes, it can be sown back together. And the man will never know the truth!

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lie about virginity

Lying it bad, but if you really love the woman, you love her as she is. Jesus loves all who come to Him as they are and He fixes us with His love. It’s unconditional. For some guys virginity is just sports. They score by being the first ones and care nothing for the woman they make love to. Let the true love win!

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