Why men love female breasts?

Why men love them? You may be surprised by the answer!

 men love female breasts

Boobs are the hot topic. One of the researched showed that just looking at this uncovered stately female organ makes men healthier. So, are there other reasons why men love breasts? Let’s find out.

Men love breasts, but why?

Interesting enough women build up fat around their mammary glands. It is not exactly necessary for breastfeeding. So, the researches assumed, that fat serves some sexual purpose. Another interesting fact is that no all the cultures pay such attention to female boobs. Only 13 of 191 cultures have that particular interest. In the rest of them men thought nothing special of these organs on the women’s bodies.


It means some men think so much about this part of female body, while others care nothing for it. One research showed that when men are attracted to boobs, they act like babies. The first and primary goal of this organ is to feed the little ones and create a tighter mother-child bond.

When men cares boos during intercourse, they create that same type of strong emotional bond between themselves and their women. But that’s a scientific point of view. It’s a bit boring. How about some more exciting things?

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 female breasts

5 reasons why gys love breasts

  1. They are cool
    They are nice to look at, nice to touch and do other things with. They are so soft and men just love them!
  2. They make women gorgeous
    Just imagine a lady with no breast. Where is all that feminine beauty? It’s gone. So, yes, boobs make women look good in the eyes of guys.
  3. It’s the first base
    And all the men wish to land on the second! But once you’ve landed on the 1st base, you are almost there. And it is exciting!
    Why men love female
  4. It’s something men do not have
    So, they are the mystery.
  5. They comfort
    Yes, they are hot, but when a man is upset or tired, there is nothing better than a soft breast for rest and comfort.

Certainly, you may have many other reasons why you love the boobs! Well, ladies, be glad you have them!

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