Why sex is good?

What are advantages of regular sex for your shape? Read the article and you’ll learn why it is necessary and useful to make love often.

Is sex good for you?

There is also a certain advantage of sex for increase of intelligence. The matter is that during sexual contact the brain is saturated with oxygen. As a result, gray cells begin to work more actively. Therefore, memory and ability to training improves. It is considered that it is useful to have sex before examinations or before annual report at work.

Why sex is good

Sex is good or bad for health?

Sex promotes maintenance of health. And it is one of the most effective and pleasant ways to do it. Therefore, sex is a preventive and therapeutic factor.

Is sex good exercise? Of course, yes. Sometimes sex is a good physical activity with involvement of set of muscular groups. A lot of things depend on imagination and physical shape. Nevertheless, it should be noted that these physical exercises are much more pleasant than exercise on machines in a gym.

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Is sex good for you 1

Regular sexual life promotes improvement of immune status, that it is possible to consider as good prevention of not only melancholy, but also of catarrhal diseases. Adjusted sexual life at woman serves as good prevention of mastopathy and myoma.

It is impossible to neglect advantage of sex for good shape. It is quite capable to replace 30 minutes of morning exercises, 15 minutes of jog at high speed or 10 minutes of occupations on the exercise bike. During sexual contact, carbohydrate exchange becomes more active, and steroid hormones, which promote forming of relief muscles, are thrown out in blood. Calories burn, muscles find a tone, backbone becomes stronger, and you receive pleasures much more than in a gym!

Is sex good for you

Scientists make one more conclusion – sex increases life expectancy. Indisputable statistical data say that those who are married or have the constant sexual partner, live much longer. It is directly connected with the fact that continuous sex makes not only rejuvenating impact on the organism, but also on endocrine glands in particular.

At regular sex life at person, many hormones are emitted. First of all, it is endorphins, happiness hormones. Besides them, the whole group of hormones is involved, for example, serotonin that gives feeling of relaxation and comfort. This hormone lightens mood, and also promotes increase of emotional stability. It so often isn't enough, especially for residents of megalopolises. Oxytocin promotes a pain satisfying, therefore sex is useful from a headache.

Is sex good exercise

Sex is good or bad for men?

Hormonal features of man's organism are reflected in raised inclination to sex. Men can't constrain their thirst for sexual intercourse, unlike women. Abstention makes very harmful effect on man's health. Long non-fulfillment of endorphin results in the increased irritability, aggression, weariness and depression. Lack of events in full-fledged sex life leads not only to mental overloads. It represents real threat for reproductive system, in particular, for prostate. The disease of cancer can even become a result. Many experts claim that it is connected with non-fulfillment of sperm, together with which number of elements comes to light from organism. Their accumulation also is probable threat.

Sex is good or bad for men

Good sex quotes

  • Sexual inclination is a biological phenomenon, which arises with puberty and comes to an end with marriage,
  • Nobody dies of lack of sex. People die because of lack of love,
  • Every night should have its own menu,

Good sex quotes

  • The pleasure is brought not with sex, but by your lover,
  • I have nothing against group sex if the group consists of two people,
  • A free woman is the one who considers sex before marriage normal,
  • Sex can't replace love, and love can't replace sex.


The sex is surprisingly pleasant, exciting and fascinating thing. In addition, sex is good for health, both mental and physical.

When we have sex, our brain works better hormone levels of cortisol and adrenaline increases. All this stimulates the activity of the gray matter. And we become smarter. Yes, it is a fact.

1. The sex is good for women's health

Doctors claim that sex is necessary not only for sexual satisfaction. The sex is good for women's health. Why? Sex increases the concentration of "hormone of happiness" without chocolate (chocolate, of course, has not been canceled), menopause is postponed for an indefinite period, and wrinkles are smoothed. Sex is also a great prevention against diabetes. And health benefits from sex does not end there.

2. Sex strengthens the immune system

It is proved that sex is useful for health of the immune system depends on our emotional state. The better you feel, the less sick. Another sex hormone - serotonin, strengthens the immune system so that in the midst of a flu epidemic your risk of getting colds in half. In addition, it is important to mention the hormone oxytocin, which protects against breast cancer.

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