Why sex is important in human life?

Why sex is important? What facts you should know know about it? Here are all the answers!

Have you asked yourself why sex is important in human life? No long-lasting relationship can be built without sex. Women and men agree that it’s one of the most important aspects of every relationship.

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Besides it’s a pure pleasure sex helps people to know each other better. People can understand whether they can be a perfect couple or not. If there are some sexual problems lovers usually break up very fast. Couples who are in love say sex is extremely romantic thing.

There is no person who forgot his or her first sex. It’s one of the most important events in a person’s life. So we can say sex is very important with no doubts!

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But if you are not sure yet here you are 10 reasons why sex is so important in human life:

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  1. It’s a perfect stress relief. Well, yes. If you had a bad day, problems with your boss. What will work better than sex? One may say a huge pizza or a bottle of wine but we should not compare. Scientists prove that sport and sex produce a lot of happy hormones. So if you had a bad day, don’t eat plenty of chocolates but go to bed!
  2. Sex reduces the risk of cancer! Can you believe it? Active sexual life can prevent both breast and even prostate cancer. So we can call it even some kind of treatment. Free treatment.
  3. Sex helps to live a longer life. Regular sex makes you less prone to lots of illnesses. It makes you feel full of energy and positive.
  4. It helps you to be fit. Regular sexual activities target all muscles in your body. Isn’t it the best health benefit?
  5. Sex reduces pain. Scientists prove that happy hormones help to reduce and even get rid of pain. So headache is not a reason to refuse a sex but frankly it’s the reason to have it!
  6. It helps you to sleep better. You lose lots of calories and energy having sex. So your sleep will be deeper and healthier after a few rounds of sex. Orgasming helps body to relax and fall into a deep sleep and feel better in the morning.
  7. Sex burns a lot of calories. We have already said sex targets all the muscles. But it also burns calories! So isn’t it the best substitute for gym? Girls who avoid sex should remember this. Because 1 hour of sex can burn the same amount of calories as an hour of running.
  8. Sex helps to stay smart. Thanks to the increasing blood flow to the brain, you are more alert. Sex before a hard working day can make your brain much sharper! You will show better results. And have a good mood! It’s important too.
  9. Sex causes healthier skin. Have you ever heard that if you have some problems with skin you have to find a regular partner? Well, that’s true! Hormone DHEA makes your skin look shinny and healthy. Regular sexual activity even helps your skin to stay younger a bit longer.
  10. Sex makes a person happy. Is there any doubt about that? Sex is fun, relaxing and full of romance! Satisfied people are smiling all the time and stay positive! In fact, this reason is the one you need to jump into your bed right now!

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Why sex is important for human life? Now you know! So guys, don’t miss your chance to feel and look better! Have sex!


Many, entering into a relationship, ask the question, how important is sex in a relationship? Often, wrong priorities, not giving adequate time to the consideration of the sexual life, the relationship can fail. How are sex and relationships?

First and foremost, you must prioritize for themselves in this matter. What does sex in a relationship for you? What you want from a relationship? How strong is your libido? If the relationship you are waiting only intimacy, it is better to warn your partner about it and try not to bring hopes for strong long-lasting relationships. Indeed, in this case, when the libido starts to decline, to preserve the Union would be virtually impossible.

If you want to create strong Union, we should not forget about the role of sex in it. In this situation, the importance of sex in relationships will be measured by the degree of trust in the partner. In such pairs sex develops an overall rather serious relationship, for both partners it is not just the satisfaction of libido, and serious step.

Sex is not the last place in the relationship, but you need to be interested in a partner not only in terms of lust. Interesting interlocutor, a good friend, a defender or the Keeper of the hearth – all this is very important.

Answered 1 year ago.

I agree with all the points, I would like to especially note the paragraph concerning skin health - it is a fact! That is a proven fact. Due to the production of hormones necessary to clean the skin immediately becomes incredibly velvet, clean and very beautiful. The only problem is that it is not at all valid, but that it is true - is indisputable. In general, I would not want people to have sex just for the sake of all the above reasons, I would like everything to be just on reciprocity and a real desire!

Answered 1 year ago.
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