Why sex is necessary before marriage?

Do you doubt if sex is good or bad before marriage? Read this article and learn advantages and disadvantages of sex before wedding.

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The question of whether have or not to have sex relationship before wedding, was always actual. And, although, the fact that we are in the 21st century now, this theme hasn't lost its relevance at all. Let's look at this topic 'sex is before marriage' from the different angles.

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Those people, who believe that they need to save the virginity till the wedding day, mainly refer to sex education or the religious norms. Indeed, all religions are very categorical about this question – you should not do ‘that’ before marriage. A lot of people believe that only a virgin girl can wear any white wedding dress. The reason is that it symbolizes purity and chastity of a lady.

This idea of total abstinence before wedding is practiced by a lot of non-governmental communities and organizations. For example, there is some kind of propaganda of virginity in the United States. Annually the Presidential Administration gives huge sums for supporting the idea of chastity. The preservation of virginity before wedding is becoming a fashionable stream.

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There is another aspect. From a medical viewpoint, the total preservation of innocence is a kind of guarantee of protection against all sexually transmitted diseases. Also, in addition, there is an eliminating the risk of unwanted pregnancy and, as a result, ladies do not do abortions. Although, the use of different modern contraceptives and also common sense reduce these risks significantly .

There is one more serious moral side of this topic. A man or a woman, diving into a marriage, being a virgin, with no sexual history, as they think, creates a special romance and charm of the relationship.

Unfortunately, sex, which is everywhere in Internet, television and magazines, makes teenagers discuss it already in high school. So in a result it has little to do with the pleasure that God intended for us. But it’s always your choice, which sex you’ll have.

Why sex is necessary before marriage?

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But there is one more side of the problem. The couple's sexual compatibility is extremely necessary and maybe the most important moment in a harmonious relationship between man and woman. So marrying a virgin, the couple has no idea what awaits lovers beyond the threshold of their bedroom. But their sexual relationship may not work out.

In addition, the age of the spouses has significantly grown over the past few years. Keep innocence up to 25 years or more is not only very difficult but also quite dangerous from a medical point of view. A lot of sexologists say that the biggest part of patients, who have sexual problems, have begun a sexual life pretty late. Lack of sex in teens may be responsible for terrible long-term depressions. So the problems in sexual life are hard to bear later in life.

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There are plenty of people, who are convinced that at the creation of the people God gave them sex in addition to the pleasure that they could have from each other. Sex was a part of a family of joy, something intimate and secret, hidden from outsiders. However, today, our society has made it so open and public, that it lost all that modesty and chastity, which was there originally.

Moreover, there is an opinion that the lack of sexual relationship at the age of 20 years or more may be an indirect cause of homosexuality. And finally, there is an interesting statistic. The couples who have lived together for a while before marriage, get divorced less.

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Have these ‘sex facts’ changed your mind? If you are not sure with your decision, but you can’t 'fight' your partner’s sex appeal – it’s up to you! Don't forget, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of sex before wedding. Sex and sexuality are extremely personal topics. We can only share some sex facts but not more.


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