Why shower sex is a good idea?

Have you ever had sex in the shower? Do you think it’s difficult? You can read about this myth here. This article will reassure you that shower sex is great!

shower sex ideas

Has your sex become a boring routine? It’s time to think of some shower sex! You can really totally lose your interest in sex if you keep on making love in the same place which is usually your bed.

Even though it’s really comfortable it’s still necessary to change something in your sex life from time to time. There are different places where you can have sex but shower sex ideas might sound pretty cool to you too!

Benefits of shower sex

First of all, it’s great to have sex without having an intention to do it. If you do it spontaneously it will be a lot hotter! This is the reason why you might consider sex in the shower as your option.

Maybe you just like taking shower together so it will make things a lot easier – you can just make an unexpected move which your partner will surely appreciate.

Moreover, if you take showers in the morning it will be great if you start your day with some morning sex there. Some people say that shower sex is complicated, but it’s not true. It’s a great way to begin the day.

You will feel really positive and your mood will surely improve. That’s what all the doctors and psychologists are saying. Moreover, it will help you release the stress. What is more, you won’t need to clean up.

If you don’t like the fact that you have to clean up after you have sex in your bed, go for shower sex! You can just have sex there and there will be no need to do anything afterwards.

You will forget about bad smell! There are people whose privates don’t have the best smell out there. Moreover, sometimes it’s just hot outside or maybe you just came back from running!

shower sex ideas

Whatever it is, staying in your bed and making love there isn’t the best option. Therefore, you might consider shower! You definitely won’t feel any bad odour.

What is more, you can always use soap or shower gel which will only make it more romantic. If you have someone in your house, don’t think of it as something bad.

You still have the option to have sex if you do it in the shower. People outside the room will only hear some  water running and no one will notice any of your grunts and moans.

Moreover, some people get really turned on when there are other people around. Try this kind of sex and you might realize that you are one of those people too! In case you have a period, sex in the shower will be just perfect.

Even though a lot of guys are more than happy to have sex even when girls have menstruation, this way of making love will make it comfortable in all ways. There will be no worries – you won’t need to clean anything for sure.

So shower sex on your period is a great idea! Therefore, try it and you’ll love it.

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Having sex when I’m on my period?!

You will surely like it

The menstruation goes in different ways for every single woman. Some of them are having pain and don’t feel like in the mood for having sex. However, there are girls who become really horny when they are on their period.

It’s all about your hormones. The first day of the period can be characterized by the low level of estrogen and testosterone but few days after it suddenly starts to go up!

This is the reason why there is a huge amount of women who feel really turned on when they have menstruation. It’s a great idea to have sex anyways!

Your vagina is even wetter than usually so it will make the pleasure even bigger. Moreover, according to the statistics, girls tend to experience a greater orgasm when they are on their period.

shower sex ideas

Some girls tend to think that their boyfriend will feel disgusted if they have sex with them while they are menstruating. However, as a rule it’s not the guy who doesn’t want it.

Of course it’s different for everyone and there surely are men who don’t like it. But don’t jump to conclusions before you actually talk to your boyfriend and ask his opinion about it.

You will be surprised that he will most likely be happy to have sex and it won’t matter to him if you are on your period. So don’t be scared – discuss it first!

You can make it not so messy

If big amount of blood really brothers you, there are ways to make it not that messy. First of all, you can trey menstrual cup or a female condom. These are the options you can choose from to cut off the blood flow.

But in case you really don’t want to use any of it, the regular condom might help you with that too! This way the blood won’t be all over your partner’s penis.

The missionary position will be the best way to reduce the amount of blood from your vagina.

shower sex ideas

No actual sex?

Well if you feel like intercourse during your menstruation is not an option for you, you can still do other stuff. For example, you can just wear a tampon and your boyfriend can satisfy you by stimulating your clitoris.

In case you didn’t know, you actually can get an orgasm if you do it!

Protection is very important!

Some people think that there is no way that you can get pregnant if the girls are menstruating. But it’s clearly a myth! There are different periods. For example, sometimes ovulation happens right when you are on your period.

That’s why don’t forget about condoms or pills. Moreover, you will surely need a condom to protect yourself from STD’s. Even if you trust your boyfriend, it’s still better to be protected.

You are actually more likely to get infected if you are on your period so be really careful with that!

However, other than that it’s absolutely safe to have sex when you are on your period and a lot of doctors agree that it’s a great stress relief. That’s why don’t be scared and go for it!

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