Why women cheat – 10 top reasons for Nigeria

Women cheat as well as men, but the reasons they do it might differ from those of men. Find out why that happens.

There is much buzz going on concerning the subject why men cheat. The reality is: women cheat, too. That’s the thing men loath to hear the most. Still, it is there and it has some reasons hidden behind the scenes. Often time’s men have no clue of what those reasons are and just call them whores.

If you really love your lady and do not want to be one of those cuckolds, you better learn the reasons and do what you can to stop and keep your woman at your side. The truth is females cheat for some very different motives than men do. 

Why women cheat

10 top reasons why women cheat:

1. Celibate matrimonial

 Sounds awful, but yes that happens. Definitely you think the guy in that kind of union is an asshole. Well, things happen. Some men just become unable to make love. Others estrange from their ladies and relations so much that they become uninterested. They might be running an affair. Some of them think their girls are here to stay and no endeavor on their side is needed. So, they suit themselves, have fun with other chicks and end up the cuckolds.

Celibate matrimonial

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2. To spice things up

Some women being frank enough say things get kind of monotonous in bed with their husbands. All they want to have some fun just like the guys do. And they start an affair. They hope to find variety and hot times in the bed with other men.

To spice things up

3. Unhappiness

An unhappy marriage could be bad enough for a man, but it is disastrous for a woman. In many cases men build their lives around jobs, careers, friends, fun, etc. Ladies build their lives around families. She has spent so many years dreaming of meeting the right guy and living happy ever after.

In many cases those dreams fail to come true. Some fellows tend to be abusive. They think it is OK to beat up their spouses instead of appreciating them. That is not what the Bible teaches us about. It orders men to love their wives as their own bodies. If that does not happen, women may go head and cheat hoping to find what they need so desperately.

Is that excuse good enough for cheating? Of course, not. But human being can take only so much of vow and pain. They keep looking to release that pain in any way possible. Some ladies think infidelity is the only way out of the heartache.


4.  Being attracted to another person

You wish to be the only attractive man to her. Yes, she wishes that, too. For real, but at times things change. Maybe you did not have such a good relationship after all. Or, she got frustrated with you. Or, it just happened that she felt attracted to another man.

The attraction in women rarely builds up as fast, as it does in men. In most cases, it takes a while, a long while for a lady to go all the way till the end. You know. So, watch it and be attentive not to miss the signs!

 Being attracted to another person

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5. To reaffirm their desirability

Today ladies’ attractiveness is one of the most treasured things about them. That’s the way guys have arranged it. If you are sexy and good looking, you are valuable. And chicks need constant reassurance of that fact. If it does not come from her partner, it might come from someone else.

You know, it really does not cost you anything to keep her happy. Just keep telling her that she is good looking. Notice the things she tries to do to please you. Tell her you want her. Tell her she is sexy and desirable for you. It does not cost you a naira! Why not do it and know you are on the safe ground here?

If you’ve got a pretty lady you know there are crazy many dudes out there who would not mind you share her with them. And they sure know how to talk their way into her intimacy. So, be smart and put them all out of competition.

To reaffirm their desirability

6. Lack of kindness from her man

All ladies love attention. That is what they are after, when they marry you. It’s not enough to tell her you love her, when you marry her. She covets to hear it over and over again. And then she wants your time. She wants you to share your life with her. After all that is why people in marriage are called partners.

She wants to be able to talk to you and share her life with you. If that does not happen, she would easily find someone available. You know, the most amazing fact is that lots of women say their affairs are sexless! It’s not about sex for them, it’s about that attention they crave. Again, it does not really cost you anything to give it to her.

 Lack of kindness from her man

7. Her needs are not met

Whether you believe it or not women have their sexual needs, too. For years and years women have been denied the opportunity to get sexually content. Still, they want sex, they love sex and they need it, just like the men do.

The matter of fact is that some men get as arrogant as they cannot even allow the thought that their wives are not being satisfied in bed with them. You may not know it all. She may say nothing to you, but still want it. One day a guy may come her way, which would be nice enough to give her what she wants.

The solution is simple. Do not think that love making is all about you and your needs being met. Talk to her about it. Ask her what she wants. It’s a win-win situation. You may learn something new and certainly you both would start enjoying the sex more.

 Her needs are not met

8. No real heart intimacy in marriage

That is what women really want. If a girl got a man like that there are hardly any chances she would cheat on him. It’s all about growing together, aging together, learning together, suffering or rejoicing together. Marriage is a tough work, but it is the most rewarding one.

No real heart intimacy in marriage

9. Disappointment

The foundation of her relations with you is admiration. If a woman does not esteem a man, she as well might cheat on him. Why not? Just be honest with yourself, if no one else. Are you a constant disappointment to your family? Are you a good provider? Are you a great daddy? Frustration is one of the top reasons women cheat on their husbands.


10. Revenge

That is something that does not take place often. Still, it is a possibility. Have you were unfaithful to her? There might be some good chances she would pay you back. Women can do that to abusive husbands, too. So be nice for your own sake and for hers.


So, why do women cheat? Now you know the top ten reasons. And honestly speaking you have the power to fix most of them. It just takes little effort on your side and lots of humility. An arrogant man is the first one to fall the prey of female infidelity. 


Women will manly cheat on their spouse due to spouse confidence in the relationship, men forgets birthdays,doesn't take women out anymore.Guy comes home late and if he's around he's always texting.Pioritises his career and friends that is a gurrantte women will cheat

Answered 1 year ago.

Women will manly cheat on their spouse due to spouse confidence in the relationship, men forgets birthdays,doesn't take women out anymore.Guy comes home late and if he's around he's always texting.Pioritises his career and friends that is a gurrantte women will cheat

Answered 1 year ago.

A woman will never disappoint a loved one who does not appreciate, love and respect. Yes, I agree, there are so many men who come across a bad woman, but you need to think first, why is it so can her life so complicated that you need to cheat, and the like. Men in fact ideal as very little now so many men who are their responsibilities shift to women, and how can a woman be tender and gentle, if it rvabotaet horse. Now a lot depends on the man. That is my opinion, and thus women are merely protecting their own interests.

Answered 1 year ago.

The monotony of the very first reason why women, like men, to change. When the husband uses the wife as the housekeeper, she did Laundry, cleaning, cooking and other domestic duties, giving nothing in return. Monotony can be ranked and the routine of family life when, apparently, all is well in the family, calm, no conflict, and I want emotion and passion.

The lover will be able to give all that which is lacking and that has long been irretrievably lost husband: a romantic date, gifts, favors and of course a variety of sex.

Answered 1 year ago.
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