Why you should never marry a bleacher?

These five reasons should persuade all men not to marry a bleacher! Are there good reasons not to marry a bleacher? Learn the 5 top ones.

 never marry a bleacher

Girls with the fair color of skin are attractive. However, many of them attain it by bleaching the skin. It has become an epidemic in Africa and in Nigeria in particular. But should you marry a bleacher? Learn why you should never do it.

Reasons to never marry a bleacher:

Bleachers may be fun to hang out with, but they are no good for marriage. Surely, men like to boast their fair skinned wives, but at what cost?

1.    It’s expensive

Bleaching becomes an addiction. She keeps on spending money on all those remedies and drugs. In the past it was her money, if you marry a bleacher, she will spend yours. How much? Well, she may spend 50 and more percent of what you make on it.

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 marry a bleacher

2.    She does not look so good without the makeup

Once the bleacher takes off the makeup, you may not even recognize your own wife. She may look ugly and scary with that ghostly pale skin.

3.    She needs tons of makeup

She needs it to look respectable, so you would be forced by buy all the things a lady with the natural beauty does not need. And it’s expensive.

4.    She has ruined her health

Bleaching is dangerous. If you fall in love and care for the wife, she may die early because of what she had done to her skin and leave your kids orphans.

 never marry a bleacher

5.    It’s unnatural

Natural beauty requires some efforts and money to sustain, but unnatural one is really costly.

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