Why your baby looks like your ex? - Telegony is real

Can your baby look more like your ex than like your husband? Must read article for all the men and women.

Biologists remembered the phenomenon, forgotten and derided by official science long ago — telegony, having proved its reality again.

what is telegony

How does telegony work?

It is well-known that genetic material of future newborn equally consists of DNA of mother and father. However, scientists proved that impact, which is exerted by genes of previous sex-partners, is not less important. Scientists established that the chemicals, which are contained in males’ semen, have longer and more important effect, than it was considered earlier. They found out, that organisms of flies not just acquired information on partners, with whom they didn't even bring forth general offspring, but also partially transferred it to descendants from other males.


Experts are sure that similar things are also particular to human body. This theory became one of the reasons, for which in the ancient time governor's marriages with divorced women were forbidden. It was supposed, that the organism of the woman transfers information of the ex-husband, and children of monarch become "not pure blood". There was also a misunderstanding with Russian student from an elite family, who gave birth to the black baby. It became clear, that before marriage with white man, she used to make love with her black ex-boyfriend.

telegony in people

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Can your baby really look like your ex-boyfriend?

There are a lot of such facts, but the official science recognized this scandalous theory as myth. Naturally, the theory has uncountable great number of opponents. However, more and more scientists declare detection of genetic mutations in a chromosomal chain of child, which can be explained only with telegony. According to the director of the Swedish institute of molecular biology A. Mingrame, the analysis of DNA of the same people during the different periods of their life allowed to establish that after labor, woman has noticeable changes in DNA: she gets genes of her child's father. The Swedish scientists found out that hyaluronic acid, bearing itself in chains of DNA and being in man's semen, gets into ovaries where ovum is stored, and takes root into them during intercourse.

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That is why the woman, who even has no pregnancy, will bear ovules in herself, in which all her previous sexual partners' chains of DNA will be built in. In turn, Professor R. Bonduriansky from University of New South Wales in Australia declared that the traditional science assumes that transfer of DNA is carried out only in case of child conception. However, he considers that process is much more. Fatherly RNA is the system, which is still a little studied. The man noted that the theory of a telegony perfectly works also at chemical level, in spite of the fact that it assumes information exchange by means of bio field. He has also said that this theory can belong also to man's individuals: information about all previous partners, perhaps, is capable to be fixed in organism of a male and to be transmitted to posterity through mother. However, scientists haven't conduct researches in this sphere yet.

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