Will my boyfriend marry me? - Best tips to find out

You have a long lasting relationship. Everything is ok but you do not know whether your boyfriend wants to marry you. Will my boyfriend marry me soon? Find the tips below.

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Many representatives of the stronger sex do not like to talk about their intentions and to discuss their feelings. It is not necessarily to ask the man strictly if he wants to get married. It is better to look at his behavior.

Sooner or later there will come a time when a man decides to leave a bachelor life. The sensation of this beautiful moment, of course, provokes the girl, especially if she is a favorite and understanding.

But how to understand that will soon be followed by a proposal of marriage? Will my boyfriend marry me? Let us discuss the tips to notice.

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Tip 1

A man who is about to marry spends most of his time with you. And not with his friends. He likes not only to have sex with you but to listen to you, consult with you, tell you about himself. Be sure, he wants to marry you.

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Tip 2

He rarely says "I" and often says "we."

His career is already stable. Now he needs the same stability in his private life.

Men want to be able to provide wives. For guys, it is natural to achieve a real income, stable job, and only then, when this task is completed, comes the realization that now is the time to get married. If your friend tells you about his latest achievements in the job or the promotion that he got, he probably thinks of you as about his wife, a person he will support. Will my boyfriend marry me in future? The answer is positive.

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Tip 3

He no longer spends all his money on entertainment and leisure, and with great zeal seeks for financial independence. Earlier he gave you flowers, bought dresses and perfume. But now, he often offers gifts for the home. For example, he presented you a TV or a vase. Attention, it may sign for you to get ready.

Tip 4

He is not behaving more like a boy. He acts as a husband. And it's impossible not to feel. He cares about you and protects you. He is ready to come to your rescue at the first call. Of course, he will marry you in future.

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Tip 5

You are already familiar not only with his parents but with other relatives. Moreover, you are always a welcome guest at family meetings.

He wants you to meet his family and friends.

If you are invited to various family parties, picnics with friends and birthdays, he might even pretend that you will have wedding rings. The man who wants you to get married, be sure will introduce you to his family. He will also arrange things so that you get along with his friends. Has he introduced you to potential in-laws? If so, this is an excellent sign.

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Tip 6

He makes plans, he thinks about the future. And in this future, you play the leading role.

If your man can expect your life only for a couple of days ahead, a chance that you're there with him in his imaginary perfect future is slight. But the man who realizes that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves worth respect. It's nice (and exciting) to think about the distant future: to provide events for months or even a year in advance. If he often says "we" not "I," then sees you not only as a girl for a date.

marry me

Tip 7

You already spent the weekend together? Talked about a joint vacation? Did he ever discuss with you what will be the eyes and nose shape your children: yours or his? Do you live together? Have you talked about living together? If at least one question you answered in the affirmative, the chances are that he wants to marry you.

marry me

Tip 8

Most of his friends are married.

Find out what is the family status of the majority of his friends. And how he reacts when he hears that someone just got married?

If most of his friends are married, so the wedding is at least not a new concept. Maybe he envies the married men. If his friends were mostly bachelors, he might want to stay "free," because to argue thus is accepted in his circle.

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