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Ugly Intelligent Girl or Beautiful Dull Girl?

Hello again,

Assume you are an eligible bachelor who is about to get married. For your bride, if you had to choose between:

(a) an ugly girl who is intelligent and smart. The type they call Brain without Beauty.

(b) a beautiful girl who is dull. The type they call Beauty without Brain.

What will your choice be?

Remember you can't choose both.

I will go first...

As for me, I will choose the beautiful dull girl because I am very fond of beautiful girls and I believe I can train and teach her to become intelligent. On the other hand, there is no training or teaching or therapy that can make an ugly girl become beautiful. If you say you will buy her all the make-up in the world, she will just look like a decorated baboon.

Your turn, please share your opinion. Thanks.


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What is Your Daily Beauty/Make-up Routine Like?

This thread is for you to talk about what you do every morning to make your body look beautiful.

Let me get the ball rolling. I'm male, about 23, and my daily beauty routine is:

1) Take a bath.

2) Dry my body.

3) If I see any pimples on my face, I use an alcohol-based face cleanser.

4) There is no step 4!

Ok, so what's yours like?

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