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20 years age difference - does it really matter?

Hi folks, i was just wondering - would u go our with someone about 20yrs older? If yes, how do u intend to manage the relationship? If u're in an existing relationship and ur spouse is at least 10 yrs older, pls lets have ur contribution.

I went for a walk about half an hour ago and was approached by an old man- as in old enough to be my dad. Here goes our 2-minute conversation:

Old man: 'hello'

dablessed: Hi

Old man: Nigerian?

DB: yep

OM: Ok, r u ok?

DB: {walking away} yep thanks

OM: Pls wait, i just like u and would want u to be my friend.

DB: {Laughing} but u're old enough to be my dad

OM: It doesnt really matter, i promise to take care of you, at least better than all those youngsters.

DB: {laughing} Oh! it does matter to me SIR! Bye

OM: Byeee!

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