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Heart Break: Who Hurts More Man Or Girl?

Wassup Y'all,

Its Successchild again. True story here. Heart break: Who hurts more. Take this two true-life stories. The names and location have been modified to avoid any complications.

Case I: Armanda loves her bobo. she had been nursing the day he'll ask her hand in marriage. But on day, she went to but him a surpise gift, but, in getting home, she found him, in hot S*X with her best friend shamelessly right there in the living room. She throw the gift at him, goes home and as the tears flow down her eyes, she now the relationship flow away for good just like the tears,

Case II: Joaquin, a young working class hhustler, has a relatively good paying job (hoping that one day e go betta). His chic Jessie, realy digs him (but because of greed or inpatience) she can't wait till he "Hammers"(make it big). One day after the went out for lunch, Joaquin and Jessie were at the bus stop, it became cloudy, THEN a black BMW 7series parks and offers Jessie a ride, she accepts. Joaquin is Stunned. As the car drives of he know the relationship is driving out of his life and just then the rain start, pouring heavily on him,

Real talk y'all. How hurts more.

I need your feedback.



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